5 Lagers Of Europe

Posted on: May 29th, 2015 by Sam Mckay
Do you enjoy soaking up all of the sun on holiday whilst relaxing around the pool with a refreshing lager? Whether you’re in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Portugal or any other European destination, then you’ll undoubtedly be sipping on one of the local beers. Each one has its own distinctive taste and aroma which completes any holiday setting. 5) Mythos – Greece Imagine sitting around the pool on the Greek island of Crete or Rhodes enjoying the peace and quiet. Mythos is the perfect partner for any occasion under the southeast European sun; the refreshing taste and distinct flavour makes Mythos my favourite of all lagers. 4) Estrella – Spain Perfected with well over 100 years of experience, Estrella is one of Spain’s best lagers. With high quality ingredients and a refreshing taste you can enjoy this bottled or draught beer on the Spanish mainland, Canary Islands or the Balearic’s. Just… Read more

Best Locations For Tapas In Barcelona

Posted on: May 27th, 2015 by Sam Mckay
On my last visit to Barcelona I explored much of the city and experienced plenty of Tapas bars on my way. On my journey of discovery through the historic streets, I took in all the sights and sounds that this majestic city has to offer, and fell in love with each part of Barcelona for different reasons. La Rambla La Rambla is the most popular street in all of Barcelona with street performers, boutique shops, stalls, quaint bars and restaurants lining the road. If you want to sit back and watch the world go by then this is the place. You’ll be swept up in the laid back culture flowing from the locals and see how visitors are mesmerized by the atmosphere and surroundings. Old Town The narrow streets are filled with the sounds of people haggling, and are packed with beautifully decorated buildings. The Old Town is commonly missed… Read more

24 Hours In New York

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015 by Sam Mckay
Find Your Perfect New York City Break Here 24 Hours in New York 24 Hours in New York is never enough, but if that’s all the time you’ve got, you can still see and do an awful lot. This itinerary will help you plan out your day, ensuring that not a single second is wasted. Morning 8am – Central Park An early start to the itinerary is the only way you’ll be able to see everything, and the first place to head to is the iconic Central Park. If you want to see everything I’d recommend starting at the 2 Malcolm X Boulevard, head down past Harlem Meer through the heart of the city centre escape to the Grand Army Plaza. This takes you through the scenic route so you’ll be able to see much of what Central Park has to offer. If you’re a quick walker you can do… Read more

Croatia Country Quiz

Posted on: May 20th, 2015 by Sam Mckay
So you think you know Croatia? Well, lets test that knowledge with our latest travel quiz. With 10 multiple choice questions, how many will you get right? Once you’ve completed the quiz why not share it with family and friends and let them test their knowledge too. If you don’t know much about the country, then check out our Croatia Travel Guide which will give you many of the answers to this quiz. Croatia is regarded as the most beautiful country in southeast Europe and for good reason. The crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and the rolling hills of Plitvice National Park are just a couple of the many beauty spots in this amazing country. So give our quiz a go and see what you can learn about the European pearl that is Croatia. Don’t forget to share your score and challenge your friends to beat it. Read more

Holiday Inspiration For Winter 2015

Posted on: May 15th, 2015 by Sam Mckay
As you sit and read this without a cloud in the sky and sun beating down I bet you’re not thinking about the cold and dark winter months ahead. They are slowly creeping up on us again and if, like me, you miss the sun, sea and sand, you’ll probably want to get away from it all and go somewhere exotic. Well look no further, with one of these winter sun destinations. They’re all within easy reach for 7 days of uninterrupted sunshine and relaxation, so don’t get down hearted this winter escape and find some beautiful sun. Red Sea Riviera Average Temperature: November: 27°C, December: 23°C, January: 22°C and February: 23°C Sharm El Sheikh and Hurgarda are the main resorts on the Red Sea coastline and have an amazing variety of attractions and quality hotels, which hug the beautiful coastline. If you stay in Sharm’s Shark’s Bay, you’ll have… Read more

Croatia Travel Guide

Posted on: May 13th, 2015 by Sam Mckay
Running along the Adriatic coastline, Croatia is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in southeast Europe. One of the main destinations, Dubrovnik, so stunning it’s often referred to as the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’. Becoming ever more popular each year thanks to its hot summer weather and quality hotels and attractions, Croatia is definitely somewhere you should consider this summer. Fast Facts Flight Time – 3 Hours 35 Minutes to Split Time Zone/Difference – Croatia is 2 hours ahead of the UK Language – Croatian Peak Season – April to September Currency – Croatian Kuna Capital - Zagreb Popular Resorts – Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rovinj, Zargreb, Pula What To Do Krka National Park 1 of 8 National Parks in Croatia, Krka is one of the lesser known of the natural wonders that are hidden the lush green forests. Similar to Plitvice National Park in the north, Krka offers… Read more

Your Pre-Holiday Ritual

Posted on: May 8th, 2015 by Sam Mckay
Going on holiday with all the family doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes lots of planning to get everything together, ready for your time in the sun. This list is here to help you make sure you remember everything right down to the final detail; will you pack the essentials or will you need to nip to the Spanish supermarket for that all-important sun cream? Get Your Packing Check List Here Shopping I know before I head off to tropical destinations, I always go ‘holiday shopping’. The usual’s are always on my list; sun cream, after sun, insurance and travel money. But I also stock up on sweets and biscuits for the plane (it saves so much money compared to airport prices), which means more money to spend on duty free. Beauty Treatments Now I know that my girlfriend spends months planning what she is going to get done before… Read more

10 Free Things To Do In Milan

Posted on: May 6th, 2015 by Sam Mckay
The fashion and glamour capital of Europe, Milan is a popular city break destination. Different to the other major cities on the continent, the Italian city offers a wealth of attractions including many beautiful churches, parks and shopping centres. But did you know that many of these jaw dropping places are actually free? If you want to discover Milan on a budget, check out the attractions below. 1) Visit The Duomo The largest cathedral in all of Italy and the 5th largest in the world, the Duomo took over 6 centuries to complete. Today the cathedral is free to enter and is a masterpiece of art and architecture. The Duomo was first on my list of things to do in Milan. 2) Enjoy The City Centre Parks You’ll find around 8 city centre parks in Milan, each with their own charm and beauty. The Pacro Sempione is the most tranquil… Read more

5 Souvenirs To Help You Remember Your Travels

Posted on: May 1st, 2015 by Sam Mckay
If you’re a frequent flyer, destinations can roll into one and you can lose track of where you’ve been. Apart from keeping a travel diary you can collect souvenirs which will jog your memory and also decorate your home. Do you collect any travel souvenirs like the ones below? Fridge Magnets Since an early age I’ve always collected fridge magnets, and not just the boring ones that you’ll find everywhere. Each destination has something unique so I’ll search high and low until I find the perfect one. On my most recent trip to Cape Verde, I purchased this fish shaped magnet from the beach at Santa Maria. Framed Tickets After a trip to Barcelona I had amassed a collection of tickets from visiting the attractions and traveling on the underground, and I didn’t want to throw them away. So after a little experimenting I created a collage of tickets and… Read more

Cool Features We Wish Every Airport Had

Posted on: April 29th, 2015 by Sam Mckay
Have you ever been stuck in the airport for hours on end, waiting for your delayed flight and wished you had something to keep you entertained? Your mobile phone and tablet have run out of battery and your just watching the clock tick aimlessly. Take a look at some of the airports which have some cool features; to help pass the time quicker. Ko Samui, Thailand As you check-in to this unassuming airfield you’re wondering how long you’re going to have to wait for your flight. This small airport has one massive and unique surprise that not many gateways can offer. Ko Samui presents the beautiful open air gardens with benches and flowers; an excellent alternative to being cooped up in a stuffy terminal for hour after hour. Changi, Singapore  Probably the most popular of layover gateways in the world thanks to its beautiful design, Changi airport is easy to… Read more
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