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If you're ready to escape into a land that is rich in history and brimming with fun, then Cuba is for you. Surrounded by warm shallow waters and lush flora and fauna, Cuba is an ecosystem of new and exciting experiences. Ready your body for twist and turns as you learn how to salsa dance. Scuba dive and discover beautiful coral reefs, or how about horseback riding for a few hours as you take in the local scenery. Visit the places that famed writer Ernest Hemingway haunted in his youth. Love Mojitos and Cuba Libres? Great! Cuba is the home of the deliciously potent concoctions. If you love local cuisine, imagine how you'll feel dining on the local rich cuisine. Love to beach bum when you're on holiday? Then visit Playas del Este and get ready to warm yourself under the sun and clear blue skies. Or how about going on an adventure and discovering the beautiful limestone cave of Pinar del Río? Covered in lush greenery, the caves overflow with stalactites and stalagmites and even boast underground rivers. Whether you're looking for sun and stress-free fun or you're in need of high quality adventure, Cuba is the perfect destination for all holiday seekers. Let Direct Holidays worry about the planning and you can focus on the packing!

Places to go

Cayo Coco A beautiful island located in the north of Cuba, Cayo Coco is a must-see destination for anyone looking to enjoy a truly magical place. Surrounded by turquoise waters, Cayo Coco is ideal for nature and beach lovers. It's also a great location for any water adventures. The calm shallow waters are absolutely perfect for children, and if you're looking for adult friendly fun then you could try kite surfing. Hop on a catamaran and sail on over to one of the islands of the King's Gardens! There you'll discover the true beauty and definition of unspoiled land. Guardalavaca Miles of sandy white beaches? Check. Cuba Libre cocktails? You bet! Guardalavaca has it all. Located on perfect golden beaches and hugged by a blue sea, Guardalavaca will have you wishing that you took more holidays! Dine on the fresh seafood or why not try salsa dancing on the beach? Visit a museum then take in the mesmerizing architecture of Spanish colonial buildings. Discover the open market of Guardalavaca and buy a box of Cuban cigars, or what about a lovely piece of local artwork? When you're done with your day trip to the local market get ready to feast on fresh lobster and chips. Don't worry about breaking the bank because this beach spot is teeming with tasty crustaceans, which means you'll enjoy cheap lobster the entire time! Varadero Once known as being a favourite vacation spot to the American gangster, Al Capone, Varadero is a paradise peninsula and a number one holiday destination for adventure seekers. Just two hours from Havana, the capital of Cuba, Varadero is easy to access. Quickly hop on a tour bus and take a day-trip that you'll never forget. As the longest stretch of beach in Cuba, Varadero is a sight to behold. Dotted with palm trees and surrounded by pristine seas, this sun loungers' haven is equally fun for families and single people.

Things to do

Havana A world heritage site, Havana is a historic treasure that boasts some amazing scenery. Take a tour of Pinar del Río region, which is filled with lush green vegetation. See the iconic cabaret at the Tropicana that's been running since the 1930s. You could also take a tour of a cigar plantation and factory and get close with one of Cuba's most famous and reputable exports. Dancing Do you love watching salsa dancing and ever wish you could take part? Well this is your chance. The dancing in Varadero is an experience every visitor to Cuba must have. Dance the hours away to the smooth beats of local music, while you twirl and dip on white sandy beaches. Scuba With clear blue water that allows you to see all the busy activity on the ocean floor, it's no wonder why scuba diving is such a big activity in Cuba. Plunge into warm water as you explore the maritime delight of a thriving coral reef. Deep sea fishing If you love the thrill of a snag at the end of a reel, you're in for a treat! Cuba is a mecca for game fishing and is brimming with tons of it. From wahoo to kingfish, Cuba's warm waters have it all.

Top holiday resorts

Cool water Home to some of the most beautiful coastline, Cayo Coco is the place to stay if you're looking for relaxation and fun for the entire family. With warm seas and shallow waters, this is an ideal location for families with little ones. Water Sports The resorts in Varadero are teeming with water-time adventures. Relax in one of the many pools as you drink exclusive cocktails and eat amazing cuisine. If that's not enough, then you'll be happy to know that the resorts here lay claim to some of the most breathtaking beaches in Cuba! Food If you're all about dining on local gastronomies, then the resorts in Guardalavaca are sure to make you and your stomach happy. With a coastline that is full of fresh lobster and fish, the resorts here serve a fantastic variety of luxury cuisine. No matter what your holiday demands may be, Cuba has got you covered. From deep water diving to salsa dancing on sandy beaches, this is sure to be a holiday that you'll never forget. So, if you're ready to step away from the ordinary and dive headfirst into the extraordinary, book your dream beach holiday to Cuba with Direct Holidays.

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