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Bask in the sun on the shores of the Red Sea with an exclusive stay in Sahl Hasheesh. This sheltered and beautiful bay offers a sandy stretch of 12km, with a 2.5km long reef to explore, making it a haven for divers and beach bums in search of a little luxury. Sahl Hasheesh is set to become the new resort of choice on the Red Sea Riviera and while it's fairly new, having only begun development in 1996, it's already proving to be incredibly popular. Future plans are promising, with an aim to create a completely exclusive and self-contained community and, once you visit, you'll understand how close the complex is to achieving this goal.
With year-round sunshine you can unwind while soaking up the rays, no matter what time of year you choose to travel. Egypt is a spectacular place to visit, whether you decide to chill out on the loungers on the pristine beaches or prefer to venture further afield. There's a whole world of adventure waiting for you in this corner of the world and it's yours for the taking with luxury Sahl Hasheesh holidays.

Places to Go

Ancient Egypt is a mere three hours away and definitely worth the drive. Luxor is home to ancient temples, including the awe inspiring temple of Karnak, as well as the temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings where the tomb of Tutankhamen was unearthed. Head for the desert and you're in for a real treat!
The resort of Hurghada offers a spectacular retreat perfect for lounging the day away. The golden sands are stunning and perfect for relaxing on, or you could capture some traditional Egyptian life in the old town by feasting your eyes on the beauty of the mosques and bazaars that scatter the streets. Chill out in a shisha café in the new town or shop in one of the classy boutiques.
El Gouna
Snorkel in Zeytouna Beach, spend your money in the marina or dine at one of the delicious culinary spots. This great stretch of the Red Sea Riviera would make an ideal day trip, no matter what you're hoping to find.

Things to Do

Dive in the Red Sea
As the most northernmost tropical sea, the Red Sea is the easiest to get to from the UK and is home to an array of fish, coral and underwater critters for you to swim amongst. Enter another world and head for The Sunken City, a particular highlight, which is a massive replica of an ancient temple, sitting underwater at the end of a pier. There are plenty of dive schools on hand if you need to be shown the ropes, ensuring that you're not alone for your first venture into the depths of the Red Sea.
Hang Out on the Beach after Dark
With plenty of beach parties and evening barbecues, the beaches don't go to sleep when the sun does in Sahl Hasheesh. Even after the sun has set beyond the horizon, there's plenty to enjoy on the sands. However, if you'd prefer to head to a proper club, world-class DJs have been known to frequent the resort with their non-stop beats and party vibes.
Watch the Desert Sunset
Watch the sun go down in this magical place and you will truly understand the beauty of the sun setting behind the horizon. You can even enjoy a romantic meal with your other half as the sun sets on another day.

Top Holiday Resorts

Sahl Hasheesh
This youngster of a resort, on the Red Sea Riviera, offers exclusivity and luxury in abundance. Dive, bathe and dine in beautiful surroundings or use it as a base for inland adventures to see the ancient ruins that Egypt is renowned for.
Makadi Bay
A little south of Hurghada, Makadi Bay can be found on the other side of Sahl Hasheesh and is awash with natural beauty as well as phenomenal beaches. Laid back vibes cloud the air while the low key nightlife means you can enjoy a toned down evening too.
Luxury holidays to Sahl Hasheesh are just a few clicks away on the Direct Holidays website. Book now and look forward to a holiday like no other, enjoying the Arabian nights and days by the Red Sea.

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