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Located in the north west of the Greek island of Lesbos, Petra is an ideal holiday destination to enjoy the sights and sounds of the diverse Aegean coastline, soaking up the rays and exploring the traditional delights of Greece that can be found there. While Petra has continually proven to be a valuable tourist hotspot, the town has retained much of its character, providing plenty of authentic experiences and oodles of charm that some Greek resorts have long lost.
From the international restaurants offering an array of culinary delights, ranging from authentic Greek mezze to modern European dishes, to the abundance of craft and trinket shops that draw in the inquisitive shopper, Petra has something for everyone, with new experiences at every turn.
The majority of this picturesque town has been pedestrianised to make it easier for tourists and locals to enjoy their surroundings, while the seafront cafes look out over the stunningly clear Aegean Sea, giving you the perfect vantage point to watch fishing boats pass by and holidaymakers enjoying the variety of watersports on offer.
If you're looking for a little slice of Greece that is charming, alluring and awash with natural beauty, cheap holidays to Petra on the island of Lesbos would be a dream come true.

Places to Go

Kouroumichali's Ouzo Distillery
There's nothing quite like the taste of traditional Greek Ouzo, although the strong aniseed flavour has quite a kick! For fans of the aperitif, this modest, family-owned Ouzo distillery can be found in Petra and although it's housed in a small, modest building, you will be able to see the drink being distilled the traditional way and have the opportunity to buy some for those back home. Whether they'll thank you for it is another matter!
The Church of Panayia Glykofilousa
The name, while complicated to pronounce, translates to the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Sweet Kiss ' and this church is much loved in the locality. Located on a rock 30 metres high, the church is a beautiful example of 18th century architecture and can be seen from the resort or up-close - depending on whether you fancy the walk up the 114 steps or not!

Things to Do

Walk the Path of Orpheus
Lesbos is a popular island with walkers and hikers, with the Western Route beginning in Petra and continuing along the northern shore of the island before ending in Sigri. With picturesque landscapes and captivating views, you can walk as far as you like before making your way back to base.
Relax on the Beach
Petra Beach is wide, sandy and pristine, with sun-loungers aplenty for your sunbathing comfort. With plenty of tavernas to head to for a cheeky afternoon drink or ice cream, you can while away many an hour, savouring the tranquillity on the sands.
Eat Meze at a Local Taverna
There's nothing better than sampling the delicious local cuisine when you're enjoying Lesbos holidays, and there's nowhere better to dine than at a traditional Greek taverna that serves authentic meze dishes. Try something new with a plate of stuffed vine leaves, olives and feta treats!

Top Holiday Resorts

With smooth, sandy beaches that meet the clear Aegean Sea, combined with picturesque vistas and an authentic Greek charm, Petra would be an idyllic base for your Lesbos holiday. Wade into the water or relax on a sun-lounger as you watch the world go by; if tranquillity is what you're after, Petra holidays are perfect for you.
Located four km from Petra, Molyvos is a thriving village popular throughout the year due to the cultural and historical significance of the area. Boasting winding cobbled streets, buildings made from natural stone and pretty olive groves, Molyvos is teeming with charisma and allure that is begging to be discovered.
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