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A gentle saunter from the centre of Parga Town, Valtos is home to one of the longest, unspoilt beaches in Parga and draws many a holidaymaker during the peak season. Located beneath a looming rock on which the castle of Parga stands proudly, Valtos holidays are all about relaxation, offering the ability to get away from it all.
While the lively town centre is just a couple of minutes away, Valtos holidays provide holidaymakers with a plenty of excuses to chill out on the sands and do very little. However, if you do find sunbathing a little boring after a while, there's plenty to keep you busy. Trek through the pine woodland, explore Parga Town, or head further afield to relax amongst the cultural titbits that this corner of Greece has to offer.
Parga may not be a typical holidaymaker hotspot, especially in comparison to some of the Greek islands, but for those who do venture to its shores, it doesn't disappoint. This idyllic and traditional Greek centre oozes charm and sophistication, and is a real hidden gem of a resort waiting to be unearthed by anyone who decides to take the plunge and visit.

Places to Go

Parga Town
Valtos may have a stunning beach, but the centre of Parga Town is where it's at. Take the opportunity at least once during your holiday to head for the town centre to appreciate some of the sights in store. Stop at one of the meze cafes for some authentic nibbles, or browse the shops that fringe the cobbled streets. You'll find the town incredibly endearing - a visit will just reassure your need to return to this charming part of the Greek coast.
The Greek Islands
Corfu and Paxos are both within easy distance of Parga, meaning that you could easily enjoy the beauty that these two Ionian Islands have on offer. Apparently the island of Paxos was formed when Poseidon struck Corfu with his trident! Whether you believe the myths or not, the idyllic landscapes that these islands offer are certainly not to be sniffed at.
Within easy access of Parga, Albania hasn't been on the tourism map for long, but since it's opened its doors, many have realised just how beautiful and unspoilt this corner of Europe is. Unearth its secrets and head for Butrint, or enjoy the coastal town of Saranda for the day with the help of a quick ferry ride. Don't forget your passport though!

Things to Do

Explore the Vikos National Park
Hikers will love to venture into the Vikos National Park, home to the Vikos Gorge which is a sight for sore eyes. Part of the Zagori region, it may take a couple of hours to get there from Valtos but it's totally worth it if you're a lover of the great outdoors.
Admire the Venetian Castle
The castle that looms over the beach at Valtos was once used to protect Parga Town from enemies, and while it doesn't have such a role anymore, the Venetian architecture still stands. Enjoy the views from the towers or grab a bite to eat at the café. Whatever you choose to do, it's a splendid way to while away an afternoon.
River Walk
Pick up a pair of galoshes from a local shop and head off to walk along the Acheron River. The popular tour can take several hours but it's full of exhilaration - especially when you have to wade through the Acheron River rather than just walk alongside it!

Top Holiday Resorts

A short, gentle stroll from the centre of Parga Town - or a five minute taxi boat ride if you fancy travelling the lazy way - Valtos holidays are packed with golden sands and amazing landscapes, bringing you closer to the mountains and providing ample opportunity to switch off and relax.
If you would prefer to stay in the heart of the action, Parga Town is an incredibly popular holiday resort that provides opportunities to relax or get active, with charming cobbled streets to explore.
With great value package holidays to Valtos available from Direct Holidays, there's nothing stopping you from heading to this delightful corner of Greece for your summer break.

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