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While Kiotari may have grown significantly over recent years, with a few hotels strewn across the resort, this Rhodes resort is still a rustic hideaway that boasts a beautiful Blue Flag beach on which to laze away the hours. With package holidays to Kiotari, you can expect to find a laidback lifestyle that will make you feel relaxed within seconds of touching down - perfect if you're looking for a Greek holiday with the emphasis on relaxation.
Popular with families, Kiotari is situated on the south east corner of Rhodes - one of Greece's most popular and beautiful islands. With the promise of plenty of sunshine, holidays in Kiotari are all about peaceful beach breaks, and while it's certainly beginning to make a name for itself as one of Rhodes' go-to resorts, if you visit it now, it won't be overcrowded.

Places to Go

This nearby village is home to a Byzantine church as well as medieval castle ruins which are waiting to be explored if you're a history buff. Situated just a couple of miles from Kiotari, you don't have to go far to get your fill of history and culture.
The vibrant town of Lindos is just a short bus ride away and would be an ideal day trip - whether you're planning to explore the town or the ancient mythology that it holds. Ancient sites in and around Lindos are plentiful, including the Acropolis of Lindos and the Temple of Athena.
Fancy stepping foot in a different country altogether? Ferries operate between Rhodes and Turkey regularly, with jaunts to Marmaris being a popular pastime with tourists wishing to make the most of their holidays. Browse the bazaars and keep your eye out for a bargain, or grab a table at one of the restaurants in the resort for a chance to sample some delicious Turkish meze. Yum!

Things to Do

Watersports on the Beach
Fun on the water is one of the major draws to the area, with plenty of choice for anyone wishing to get their feet wet. Jetskiing, windsurfing and parasailing are all popular in the area, largely because of the ideal wind conditions that the resort boasts.
Try a Traditional Greek Kebab
The sumptuous flavours of a proper Greek kebab - gyros or souvlaki - are a far-cry away from the kebab and chips that you may have sampled back home after a night on the tiles. These healthy dishes are a Greek staple, filled with fresh salad and meat that, despite your possible expectations, aren't greasy or unhealthy in the slightest!
Enjoy a Safari Quad Adventure
If you're after an unforgettable way of exploring Kiotari and beyond, hire a quad bike. From the traditional villages to beautiful beaches, there's plenty to explore which will add to your memories of a fantastic trip. Alternatively, join a guided tour which will help you to stay on the straight and narrow!

Top Holiday Resorts

If peace, relaxation and laidback days are what your holidays are all about, a break in Kiotari will be right up your street. Even its nightlife is low-key, giving you the perfect excuse to sit back and unwind as part of your well-deserved break.
If the idea of kicking back and relaxing is your idea of a boring holiday, the buzzing resort of Faliraki isn't far away. With plenty of clubs, bars and discos to keep you partying until the early hours, plus a thriving beach jam-packed with activities and sun-loungers, Faliraki is the resort of choice if you're looking for a lively holiday.
Rhodes is chock-a-block with fantastic resorts to suit all your holiday plans - and if those consist of relaxation and low-key fun in the sun, package deals to Kiotari from Direct Holidays are the way to go.

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