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This incredibly beautiful town, set on the edge of a volcanic crater in the heart of Santorini, is a must for anyone wishing for a holiday that is as dramatic and scenic as it is rewarding. Santorini is an island set off the coast of Greece and while the island is a stunning place to visit, certain resorts are the crème de le crème and Imerovigli is one of them.
Imerovigli holidays are ideal for nature lovers, while those who wish to get away from the humdrum of bustling life should look no further either. The tranquil scenery that surrounds you is enough to allow you to truly unwind and let your troubles slip away, while the walking and hiking opportunities give you the chance to explore even further.
Santorini is renowned for its sunset opportunities and Imerovigli is one such resort that provides such treats, particularly due to the high altitude that the resort boasts. Complete with whitewashed buildings with picture-perfect blue domes reflecting the sunlight, Imerovigli package holidays are what dreams are made of.

Places to Go

As the capital of the island, you can imagine the cosmopolitan nightlife that's in store here. Just a stone's throw away from Imerovigli, a visit to Fira certainly isn't out of the question. Definitely make time to enjoy a donkey ride or cable car journey down to the town's beautiful port and watch the world go by as you dine in one of the local waterside tavernas.
Naval Maritime Museum
This intriguing museum can be found in the village of Oia, and is an ideal way to spend an afternoon, particularly if you're a lover of all things maritime and historical. Incorporate it into a visit to this pretty and traditional village which oozes rusticity and charm. As one of the most picturesque villages on the island, a visit to the village is highly recommended, especially for its sunsets.
Archaeological excavations still continue to this day in this nearby village, which was once the home to an ancient Minoan city. Be transported back in time to a civilisation that once existed proudly, before the eruption of 1500BC.

Things to Do

Tour the Ruined Castle of Skaros
At the end of a fairly easy 20 minute hike to the summit of Skaros Rock, you will find the ruins of Skaros Castle which once stood proudly, overlooking the village. Boasting fabulous views of the village, as well as nearby Thira, the vistas are enough to take your breath away. Watch the sun set from the site for something truly memorable.
Bathe in the Hot Springs
Visit some hot springs via a boat trip and give yourself an excuse to relax and soak up the therapeutic properties. The mud is supposed to leave you feeling invigorated, while swimming in the hot springs is exhilarating and refreshing. They can be found on the uninhabited island of Palea Kameni, near to Nea Kameni, which is a sparse, rugged volcanic island just off the coast of Santorini.
Explore Ancient Thira
Situated on the rocky headland of Mesa Vouno, 370m above sea level, ancient Thira was once a thriving hub on the island but is now home to various ruins for you to explore while soaking up the superb views for miles around.

Top Holiday Resorts

Perfect for anyone looking to relax in a beautiful resort, Imerovigli is a traditional village on the rim of the volcanic crater. The breathtaking views of the resort's stunning surroundings are enough to draw holidaymakers to this sensational village, let alone everything else that can be enjoyed in and around the village.
The island's capital can be found a mere 2kms away and is home to plenty of bars, tavernas and restaurants that will ensure your evenings are as vibrant as your days are.
Take the opportunity to explore the natural, rustic beauty of Imerovigli with one of the great value holidays from Direct Holidays and you'll wonder why you've not stepped foot on Santorini before.

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