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Since Kamari's devastation due to an earthquake in the 1950s, the village has slowly rebuilt itself over the decades and has morphed, like a beautiful butterfly, into the superb resort that it is today. Located on the eastern coast of the island of Santorini, just off the coast of Greece, Kamari has become a go-to place for sunworshippers in search of a sun-soaked break. With 2km of sweeping beach made from black shingle - owing to the island's volcanic past - and the warm waters of the Aegean Sea lapping at your feet, you will know as soon as you step foot off the aircraft that you're in for a blissful break. Complete with sunsets that are arguably some of the best in the world, the island of Santorini is the epitome of relaxation. Whether you plan to dive and explore the volcanic waters or you're hoping to just sit back and enjoy this little piece of calm, Kamari has something for everyone.
Whether you're after action-packed fun or laidback relaxation, you're in the right place with Kamari holidays.

Places to Go

The ancient city of Thira is just a quick boat trip away, situated on the rocky headland of Mesa Vouno. At 370m above sea level, a trip to the city provides some incredible panoramic views of the island, as well as substantial historical significance. The city dates back to between the Archaic and Roman eras and is full of notable sights to see, including a 1500-seat theatre, agora and the stoa. Take some time to marvel at the ancient inscriptions that can be found there too.
The island of Santorini, as a whole, offers some breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, but if you had to pick the best place on the island for it, it would be Oia in the northwest of the island. Visits to the area are incredibly popular at sundown though, so make sure you get there a little earlier to secure a prime spot.
Palea Kameni
The therapeutic mud that can be found here is said to have rejuvenating properties, while the chance to swim will make you feel even more invigorated. Take a boat trip to the area for the chance to enjoy a truly relaxing afternoon.

Things to Do

Enjoy the Jazz Festival
Held at the resort's open air cinema, the annual jazz festival attracts people from all over the world who are hoping to appreciate some contemporary and classic jazz numbers. Of course, the open air cinema is well worth a visit regardless of when you plan your trip.
Dive at the Customs
The Customs arch is an incredibly popular dive site for those wishing to test and challenge themselves. It's certainly for the most daring and isn't ideal for beginners. However, there are other diving and snorkelling opportunities across the island should you wish to dip your toes in without having to be quite so brave.
Explore Akrotiri
Akrotiri is an ancient Minoan city located within a village of the same name. It holds incredible archaeological significance, with excavations finding some of the oldest artefacts in Europe, including mosaics and structures that date back over 4000 years. The Goulas Castle ruins are well worth stopping by too.

Top Holiday Resorts

Perfect for families, Kamari is a haven for anyone looking for a relaxing break. Ideally placed for adventurers hoping to explore the unique, volcanic island of Santorini, Kamari holidays can be as laidback or as action-packed as you want them to be.
Ideal for families and with plenty of child-friendly attractions, Perissa can be found just a little south of Kamari. Home to a waterpark, go kart track and a mini golf course, you can be sure that your youngsters will be amused throughout their stay.
Relax and take the weight off your feet with package holidays to Kamari from Direct Holidays this summer, they're a great way of letting go of daily life for a week or two!

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