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A lesser known Greek gem, Skiathos is by no means any less interesting. Sitting in the middle of the Aegean Sea north of Athens, Skiathos offers a bit of peace and quiet compared to the crowded hotspots of Crete, Rhodes and Mykonos.
Skiathos is known to have some of the best beaches in Greece, with over 60 stretches of sand around the island. Kick back and enjoy uninterrupted swimming, snorkeling and sunbaking, or hit the restaurants and cafes to get your cultural fix and live like a local.
The countryside is equally worth a visit ' wander through sleepy villages, hidden woods and plunging cliffs. The landscape in Skiathos is varied and full of contrasts, which only adds to its charm. You'll never know what you'll stumble upon on this island!
If you're looking for a relaxing break full of turquoise waters, rolling green hills and charming countryside, then this Mediterranean oasis has it all.

Places to Go

Skiathos Town
The main town is set around a sheltered harbour which is packed, not with people, but rather with all sizes of boats, yachts and ships! This is the place where you'll find everything from glamorous clothing stores and glitzy restaurants to cool local bars and authentic souvenirs.
Abandoned in the 19th century, Kastro is the medieval centre of the island. Jutting out from a steep cliff overlooking the water, it is believed the Greeks reinforced this natural fortress to take refuge from marauding pirates. You can now walk down around the old town and get a sense of what it was like back in the day.
Koukounaries is perhaps the most famous beach on the island. It's also incredibly unique, a picturesque lagoon is separated from the shores of the Aegean Sea by a lush Stone Pine forest, bringing the woods almost into the water.
Escape the heat and relax under your very own umbrella' made of pine!

Things to Do

Take a trip to Lalaria
A day out at Lalaria Beach is a definite must-do when it comes to Skiathos. Accessible only by boat, this remote beach is postcard perfect, especially with the natural rock bridge stretching across the sand to the turquoise water. For the adventurous, there are also caves to explore.
Visit the monasteries
There are four ancient monasteries on the island ' Agios Charalambos, Evangelistria, Panaghia Kechrea and Panaghia Kounistra. Each has its own distinctive look, a fascinating story to discover and is well worth a visit.
Try diving
You've seen all the beaches from land, so why not explore the Aegean from the water? No matter your experience, from complete novice to total pro, there are diving schools and facilities to help you jump on in. The water is crystal clear, with visibility up to 25m and temperatures around 26C.

Top Holiday Resorts

As with all popular places, there is no shortage of resorts, hotels and villas around Koukounaries. Find everything you need in one picturesque spot ' beach tavernas, water sport schools, restaurants, bars and shops. There's really no reason to leave this seaside paradise' except that the rest of the island is equally beautiful!
On the south coast of Skiathos, you'll find the pretty resort town of Troulos. Nestled against olive groves and rolling green hills, Troulos has many fully-equipped hotels to suit every holiday budget. The beach, the green woods and the lively town centre make this city the perfect place to stay.
So now you're all set on Skiathos. It's certainly a summer you'll remember. Direct Holidays can help pave the way with their exclusive package deals to some of the best spots on the island.

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