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Tucked away on the southwest coast of Skiathos, Koukounaries is home to the island's most photographed beach. As you can imagine, with a beach stunning enough to snap, the resort is a haven for beach bods hoping to bask in the sunshine and unwind in peace. The island of Skiathos can be found off the coast of western Greece and provides a typical low key Greek break for anyone heading for its shores.
A crescent of sands offers the perfect spot to kick back and relax on one of the sunloungers, while the pine trees that form its backdrop provide shade so that you can spend hours on the beach without sweltering in the heat. The shallow waters that wash up on the sands are ideal for a little paddle - perfect for those travelling with children who want a chance to dig for treasure and splash their parents.
Whether you're travelling as a family, or you're holidaying with your other half hoping for some romantic walks at sundown, Koukounaries holidays have something for everyone. Top up your tan in this blissful resort and you won't want to leave!

Places to Go

Banana Beach
Nicknamed due to its crescent shape, this beautiful beach is a sight for sore eyes and a great way to escape the hubbub of the sands of the main resort. Its powdery sands sweep and shelve smoothly into the shallow waters, while the subtle pine scents of the forest backdrop waft through the air - a truly stunning way to soak up the sun.
Monastery of Evangalistra
This stunning monastery is open to the public and a visit generates some mesmerising views of the surrounding landscapes. There's also a small museum on site which you can peruse at your leisure, giving you an afternoon of local culture that you won't necessarily achieve if you stay on the beach all the time, as tempting as that may be!
Once upon a time, Kastro was the medieval capital of Skiathos and its ruins are a major tourist attraction nowadays. Wander around these beautiful ruins and get a feel for what the town once was - don't miss the Church of Christ, as well as the rustic houses that inhabit the area.

Things to Do

Party in Skiathos Town
The nightlife in Koukounaries may not be very up-tempo, but the nightlife in Skiathos Town certainly lives up to all expectations. Whether you choose to head to the island's capital for the evening, or you prefer to head there a little earlier so that you can browse the boutiques and grab a bite to eat at one of the tavernas, Skiathos Town is as diverse as it is exciting.
Picnic in the Park
Located a little beyond the beach, you will find a scenic nature reserve that is home to an elegant park and lake. Wander its trails, smell the pine-scented air and admire the natural beauty of this protected refuge. Take along a picnic of Greek nibbles for a relaxing day out amongst the local wildlife.
Watersports in the Bay
There are three watersports centres within the resort of Koukounaries, providing all manner of water-based fun, including pedalos, waterskiing and sailing. If you would prefer to stay dry, there's a horse riding centre behind the beach that offers pony trekking in the mountains.

Top Holiday Resorts

Koukounaries is a nirvana for summer holidaymakers who are looking for somewhere beautiful, relaxing and, most of all, hot! Whether you're a family with small children or you're travelling as a couple looking to spend some quality time together, Koukounaries holidays could be the answer.
Skiathos Town
If you're hoping to enjoy something a little more vibrant and lively, Skiathos Town is waiting for your arrival. From the shops and cafés that line its streets to the after-dark revelries that are as fun as they are inviting, a stay in Skiathos Town would definitely be an unforgettable one.
Koukounaries is almost an amalgamation of Skiathos' best bits, sun, sea, sand and serenity. What more could you want? Take a look at the excellent value package holidays to Koukounaries from Direct Holidays for some cracking deals this summer.

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