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Skopelos Town, the capital city of Skopelos, is a fabulous choice for holidaymakers in search of a charming and picturesque beach break. The stunning island of Skopelos isn't as well-known as some of the other islands off the coast of Greece, which is why many British holidaymakers choose to head here year after year. Untouched by tourism, Skopelos Town holidays guarantee you'll be treated to unspoilt and unassuming luxury.
The picturesque harbour and charming cobbled streets that are fringed by tavernas and street-lined cafés are enough to keep any holidaymaker happy. Beach bums will also love the variety of beaches within easy access of the town centre. Stafilos boasts one of the prettiest spots on the coast, and is only a mere 10 minutes away from Skopelos Town enjoy day trips here armed with suncream, a water bottle and a good read!

Places to Go

It's probably most known for its contribution to the hit Mamma Mia movie, where Meryl Streep and co sang their hearts out. However, this stunning spot should be appreciated regardless of its starring role on the big screen. It boasts a tiny, pretty beach nearby and a quaint church at the top of a steep rock. Climb the steps and you'll be rewarded with some breathtaking views.
Graves of Sedoukia
These mysterious graves that lie next to Delphi Mountain are examples of prehistoric graves that if legend is true, were once the burial place of pirates - along with the 12 chests of gold that they are to guard from beyond the grave.
Panormos Beach
If you'd like to sample some of the best beaches in Skopelos and would enjoy venturing a little further than your base in Skopelos Town, head for this pretty pebble beach. Considered by many to be one of the best, its waters are calm and crystal clear while the shores are uncrowded and provide the perfect escape for a tranquil break.

Things to Do

Hike in the Mountains
The imposing Mount Delphi isn't just there to decorate the landscape. If you want to enjoy some of the sensational views on offer, you'll have to climb it! Hiking is a popular pastime in Skopelos and with plenty of walking trails available, you're in the right place.
Saddle Up
The natural landscapes that Skopelos Town and its surroundings boast are begging to be explored and, if you'd prefer to avoid a challenging hike, there's no better way of doing that than by hiring a bike. Head to Mount Delphi and explore this picturesque area, while admiring the sensational views that will emerge at every turn.
Beach Hop
With Stafilos and Velani beaches close to Skopelos Town, and various other great beaches a little further away, if you're a beach bum in search of some sun-drenched sands, there are plenty available to enjoy in the area.

Top Holiday Resorts

Skopelos Town
As the most popular spot on the island of Skopelos, Skopelos Town would be ideal for anyone looking for a little piece of Greek paradise. The whitewashed sugar cube houses and traditional churches that can be found within the town just add to the picture-perfect views, while the abundance of pretty beaches that are within easy access of the town are perfect for whiling away the days.
A superb alternative if you'd prefer not to base yourself in the popular capital, Glossa is all about rustic life and peace and quiet. The centre of the village is completely pedestrianised, while the small harbour and friendly locals just add to the charm of this tranquil island escape.
With plenty of affordable package holidays to Skopelos Town available from Direct Holidays, you'll have no problem at all finding your unforgettable budget beach break.