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Situated on the southern coast of the island of Zante in Greece, Laganas is a favourite holiday destination with tourists from around the globe, thanks to its combination of crazy clubs and a protected loggerhead turtle beach.
Spend your days scuba diving around ancient shipwrecks, horse riding through olive groves, or indulging in a relaxing luxury spa treatment. At night, head to a delicious local restaurant, take a drink at a beach bar and then party until the sun comes up at some of Europe's best nightclubs. And don't forget a day trip to the rest of the island; a visit to Navagio Beach and the Blue Caves are a definite must. No matter what, there's always something happening when it comes to Laganas!

Places to Go

Bay of Laganas
The migration of the loggerhead sea turtles is one of the main attractions at Laganas. Every year during June, July and August, these endangered creatures make their way to the Bay to lay their eggs on the protected beach. Day trips are available offering swim stops to spot the turtles. Be aware that the turtles are an endangered species and take care at all times, watch where you put your chair down at the beach!
Laganas Town
The main city has been dubbed the new party capital of Greece, rivalling the clubs of Mykonos, Ios and Malia. If you're up for some big nights out, choose a hotel close to the main strip where all the big clubs such as Rescue, Cherry Bay, Zeros and Sizzle are ready and waiting with open doors and bottomless drinks. Every night there's a different event on, whether it's a foam party, paint party, white party or day party.

Things to Do

Step back in time at Sarakina Mansion
A world away from the sandy beaches of Zante is the nostalgic ruin of Sarakina Mansion, the last remaining house of Italian architecture. A severe earthquake in 1953 destroyed most of the Italian country houses in the area, leaving Sarakina Mansion the last one standing. The house is believed to have been built in the 19th century and features neoclassical and baroque influences; it's now regarded as a masterpiece of Italian architecture.
Party on Cameo Island
If the main strip of clubs isn't enough for you, head out to Zante's very own party paradise, Cameo Island. Walk across the long wooden bridge at Agios Sostis for picturesque views over Turtle Island, while you enjoy drinks and dancing in the two beach bars. Once a week, there is the legendary 'White Party', where over 800 clubbers descend upon the island. Due to its unique and natural beauty, Cameo Island is also a popular spot for weddings and private, high-end events.
Explore Damianou Cave
Zante is full of interesting caves, but Damianou stands out above the rest due to its unusual double entrance. Take shelter in the cool and watch the sun set over the island sea, before heading into the picturesque village of Agalas and its colourful town church.

Top Holiday Resorts

If you're looking to be smack-bang in the middle of things, Laganas is where you need to be. A stone's throw away from the major restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs, Laganas boasts a range of accommodation options - from budget-friendly to luxury villas. Soak up the sun beach or poolside, get to know both locals and other holidaymakers, then hit the town for some unforgettable summer nights.
In the Bay of Laganas is Kalamaki Beach, the home of the loggerhead turtles. Approximately 3km north of the main town, Kalamaki is distinctly quieter and more relaxed with an authentic Greek feel. It's also further away from the clubs and bars, making the beach an ideal spot for families or those looking for ultimate relaxation.
Deciding where to go on your Greek getaway? Zante and Laganas should definitely be top of your list, and Direct Holidays has some great package deals available to help you on your way.

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