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Riva Holidays



If you fancy a change this summer and want to avoid a typical beach break, Riva holidays, at the northern tip of the beautiful Lake Garda in the north of Italy, could be the perfect choice for you. This lakeside resort is perfect for anyone wanting to reconnect with nature - from the breathtaking Dolomite Mountains that dominate the backdrop, to the light ripple of the lake that is begging to be explored, Lake Garda is the epitome of Italian beauty.
Wander the cobbled streets of the old town, grab a bite to eat at one of the terrace cafés, or hike into the mountains for a day full of challenges. Hire a bike and go off-road, hop on a ferry around the lake and sail between the various resorts, or simply sit back, relax and admire the beauty that surrounds you.

Places to Go

The romantic city of Verona isn't far from Lake Garda and no matter what resort you're based at, you will be within easy access of this beautiful area. Whether you wish to see the phenomenal array of architectural sights the city possesses by daylight, like the striking Roman amphitheatre and the Porta Borsari archway, or you'd prefer to wait until dusk and bag a ticket for the Verona Opera that's set inside the majestic Roman Arena, Verona is an electrifying and dreamy city that should be visited at least once during your lifetime.
Monte Baldo
Take the ferry to Malcesine where you can board the cable car that takes you high into the hills for a visit to Monte Baldo. This spectacular mountain overlooks picturesque Malcesine, and from its summit, you can see for miles. The two-stage cable car ride with the second leg in rotating cabins will have you at its peak in no time, just a short walk and you will feel like you're on top of the world!
Cascata del Varone
Just 3km from Riva, the Cascata del Varone waterfall is a sight to behold. With a height of over 300metres, this spectacular natural landmark is a popular spot for tourists, who have the ability to see the falls from two vantage points ' from within the Lower Cave, and from 40metres up where the full force of the plummeting water really hits home!

Things to Do

Lake Bathe on the White Pebble Beach
There may not be a typical sandy beach to speak of but what's stopping you from a little lake bathing? The white pebble beach in Riva is a popular spot for sun worshippers who can be found sprawled on the shore of the lake for hours as they bask in the sunshine. It shouldn't be too crowded either, so you won't have to fight for personal space!
Take a Stroll to Torbole
The nearby resort of Torbole is just a short stroll away and makes for an ideal destination for an afternoon walk. Don't forget your hat as you wander along the shores of the lake with the blue skies overhead. Stop for an ice cream or a spot of lunch in this beautiful lakeside town.
Learn to Windsurf
Fancy an afternoon on the water? Watersports are an incredibly popular pastime on Lake Garda, and because of the fantastic wind conditions in the northern region of the lake, windsurfing is a particularly prevalent activity. Whether you've tried it before or you're a complete beginner, the various windsurfing schools and kit providers will be able to teach you the basics in no time.

Top Holiday Resorts

While it's the main resort on the north shore of Lake Garda, Riva still exudes natural beauty and an unassuming atmosphere. Italian traditions are still prevalent in this area, and while holidaymakers often choose Riva as their base, the popularity of the resort doesn't detract from its prettiness and charm.
Quaint and unspoilt, Torbole is a popular spot for watersports lovers, while the hilly landscapes prove to be a hit with anyone wishing to explore beyond the rustic buildings of the town. Cycling and walking facilities are within easy access, with the mountain village of Nago just a hike away. You'll find package holidays to Riva at bargain prices at Direct Holidays. Book your slice of the Italian good life today and head for the lakes.

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