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Cap Estate Holidays



Located at the northern tip of St. Lucia ,Cap Estate is one of those luxurious destinations that have something for everyone. While its sandy beaches are certainly a major bonus, the natural beauty that the area exudes is simply breathtaking too. Also boasting a vibrant culture and a wonderful history in which you can immerse yourself in, it'd be difficult to find any negatives at all when it comes to luxury holidays in Cap Estate.
The staggering beauty and its welcoming locals are just two reasons why Cap Estate and St. Lucia in general, are worth your investment. A holiday here is out of this world - you'll feel like you're light years away from the reality of the daily grind.
If you looked up the word 'luxury' in a dictionary there would be a picture of Cap Estate next to the description! See for yourself with a break in Cap Estate and enjoy this corner of the Caribbean in all its glory.

Places to Go

Pigeon Island
This pretty area of the northern region of St. Lucia offers a paradise escape from reality. Home to numerous historic forts, there's plenty to see, while it's also the venue for the annual St Lucia Jazz Festival.

Fond Latisab Creole Park
Spend a day appreciating the local life at this creole park and you will be able to immerse yourself in the local Caribbean culture. Take a tour through the community of Fond Assau in Babonneau where you will be able to experience traditional practices such as making cassava bread, catching crayfish and wood-sawing.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens
St Lucia is surrounded by gorgeous sights and natural attractions, and these super botanical gardens are a great place to start your explorations. Smell the aromas as you wander past wild orchids and giant ferns, sit and watch the waterfalls and exotic wildlife, and check out the famous Piton twin peaks nearby. The wealth of nature on offer is unending, and if you're a lover of the great outdoors, you'll walk away completely satisfied.

Things to Do

Dive in the Cobalt Seas
Both diving and snorkelling are incredibly popular pastimes here, and once you've seen the colour of the seas you'll know why. The visibility is spot on, giving you the chance to see far in front of you to spot the local marine life as they mind their own business.

Whale Watch
The seas that surround St Lucia are full of potential sightings of whales and dolphins. Join a boat trip for a chance to spot these majestic creatures in the wild, while enjoying a day at sea. Hopefully you'll have packed your sea legs!

Bathe in the Hot Springs
St. Lucia, like its islets, is a volcanic island and is home to numerous hot springs in which you can bathe and feel rejuvenated. Revitalise yourself with a visit to Sulphur Springs towards the south of the island - hot baths in the gooey mud are said to be great for your skin!

Top Holiday Resorts

Cap Estate
This stunningly beautiful resort can provide you with the ingredients that you need to create an unforgettable, tranquil break on the island of St Lucia. If you're some calm in the heart of the Caribbean, you've come to the right place.

Rodney Bay
Home to a variety of shopping opportunities, from elegant malls to bijou shops, Rodney Bay is as much about the relaxing holidays as it is about the shopping sprees!

Treat yourself to one of the tropical package holidays to Cap Estate from Direct Holidays and you'll understand what real ' and affordable - luxury is all about!