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Tunisia is fast becoming the place to go for affordable, exotic holidays. This North African hotspot is far enough away to make you feel like you're entering a different world, but still offers everything you need for a fantastic holiday - whether travelling as a family, a couple or in a group. Hammamet is one of the liveliest Tunisian destinations, making it the perfect choice for fun-loving holidaymakers of all ages. However, it's not all about the beaches and bars at this coastal gem. Alongside the watersports and the waterfront bars and cafes, holidays in Hammamet still offer a strong taste of tradition - from the crumbling walls of the old town and the oldest mosque in North Africa, to the peeling-paint fishing boats on the beach.

Places to Go

Don't miss a trip to Tunisia's capital, Tunis, while on holidays to Hammamet. Your beach holiday base is perfectly positioned just an hour and a half away from this amazing destination, so make the most of it! You'll find a medina that's so magical that it's protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site, as well as the celebrated Bardo Museum, housed in a Tunisian palace and home to hundreds of intricate Roman mosaics.
The Sahara
Tunisia thrives on its position on the Sahara desert, with camel and jeep excursions into this jaw-dropping landscape being readily available. Why not stay overnight in a traditional Berber tent? The desert stars are a truly stunning sight, thanks to the lack of light pollution on this vast natural wonder.
El Djem
The Roman amphitheatre at El Djem is one of the most impressive in North Africa, being large enough to have, once upon a time, seated 35,000 people. Another of Tunisia's UNESCO protected sites, a day trip here is a trip back in time to be among battling gladiators and baying crowds.

Things to Do

Shake It
While Tunisia is a Muslim country, Hammamet has a decidedly lively nightlife, with cafes, bars and hotels open until the early hours. As with everything on holidays in Hammamet, tradition and modern desires are perfectly merged, with a nightlife that features Arabic music, belly dancing displays and even shisha pipes ¿ though you¿ll always find a place to have cocktails or a beer on the beachfront.
Shop the Souks
Shopping is a popular pastime on package holidays to Hammamet, but don¿t expect just any old shopping experience. The Tunisian souks really are something to behold ¿ a vibrant mix of colour, music and heady smells. Nebeul Market is one of the best, so organise an afternoon there to shop till you drop ¿ silks, spices, silver, leather and ceramics are some of the best buys.
Ride the Waves
For those whose holidays are all about the beach scene, Hammamet has a busy one! Hit the crystal clear waters of the sweeping gulf on a jetski or boat ¿ or why not take windsurfing lessons? Whether you¿re an active type, or just want to cool down after a sunbathing stint on the golden sands, the water is a perfect playground here.

Top Holiday Resorts

Yasmine Hammamet
Jostling for position as Tunisia's must-see new resort, Yasmine Hammamet is an amazing destination for families looking for great value Hammamet holidays ' there's even a theme park and mini-zoo called Carthage Land nearby! The beach here is dazzlingly golden, and the proud owner of a coveted Blue Flag and the shallow waters are perfect for little holidaymakers to paddle in. Of course, there are lots for adults to enjoy too, with watersports, beachfront bars and a bustling medina to keep you busy away from the beach. Plus, at only 10 minutes away from Hammamet, you have a dream position from which to explore all that this popular area of Tunisia has to offer. As ideal for families looking for affordable summer holidays as it is for couples and groups looking for a lively trip to faraway shores, Hammamet is a fantastic choice of destination. You'll find amazing value Hammamet escapes at Direct Holidays, so start the search for your perfect getaway today.

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