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Port El Kantaoui is one of the most upmarket resorts in Tunisia , making it a fantastic place to take relaxing holidays - whether with family, a special someone, or a group of friends. You'll find everything you need for a cosmopolitan break here, from the gleaming marina and white sand beaches, to the pristine golf course. As with all Tunisia destinations, Port El Kantaoui holidays offer amazing value for money, especially when you consider that you're headed for a North Africa country - complete with Saharan sand dunes, stunning coastlines and a glorious climate. you have to do is figure out what to pack!of a camel.

Places to Go

The Sahara
One of the most exciting features of a Port El Kantaoui package holiday is the access to the vast Sahara desert. A Sahara excursion is a must-do, whether you choose to tackle the dunes by camel or by jeep. If you can live without your hotel comforts for a night, why not stay in a Berber tent for the ultimate Sahara experience.
Holy Tunisia
The holy city of Kairouan is an important site in the Islamic religion, with the 9th century Grand Mosque to marvel at. Don't forget to visit the labyrinthine old town, picking up a 'makroudh' sweet pastry to nibble as you go.
El Djem
El Djem is another of Tunisia's famed ancient cities, but this one is a living memorial of Roman times. The stunning Colosseum once seated 35,000 baying spectators, and it's easy to imagine it being put to grisly use as a gladiator arena. Dare you venture down into the dungeons?

Things to Do

Haggle in the Souk
Just 15 minutes from Port El Kantaoui you'll find the Hamman Souk, a vast market where you can haggle over aromatic spices, intricate jewellery and the finest hand-woven carpets. Just make sure you have room in your suitcase for all your bargain purchases!
Sip Cocktails at the Maison Des Jardins
You won't find wild nightlife or all-night clubs at Port El Kantaoui ' this resort is far too refined for that! Instead you'll find a rather more demure after-dark scene, focused at the marina and the Maison Des Jardins square, where you can sip cocktails overlooking the colourful central fountain.
Go Fishing
Head out to sea on a fishing boat to try your hand at snagging the catch of the day. Why not take a trip on a glass bottomed boat for a more fish-friendly way to see what swims beneath the twinkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Alternatively, kids are sure to love a ride out on a wooden pirate galleon ' just watch out for that plank mum and dad!

Top Holiday Resorts

Port El Kantaoui
Holidays to Port El Kantaoui are ideal for those who actually want to unwind during their precious break. Life here much revolves around the marina, where you can shop, eat and drink your holiday away at the waterside. Of course, the beach is beautiful, and the bright white buildings mean that the entire resort gives off a sophisticated air ' plus, if you fancy a round of golf, you've got a 250 acre course to play on!
Sousse manages to merge old and new to make an amazing holiday experience for culture vultures and beach lovers alike. Tick the ancient city medina, protected by UNESCO, The Great Mosque and the Old Watchtower and Fort off of your must-see list, before heading to the soft white sands that stretch along the coast all the way to Port El Kantaoui.
Another upscale Tunisian resort, Skanes is a resort made for those who want nothing less than the very best beach. The gleaming soft sands of Skanes beach slope gently into cooling waters, making them ideal for little paddlers and sandcastle builders. For a different kind of sand altogether, the Sahara is on the doorstep here ' so jump in a jeep or saddle up that camel for an amazing eastern adventure. Tunisia is an intriguing mix of ancient history and glittering resorts. Book Port El Kantaoui holidays with Direct Holidays and experience both sides of what this North African gem of a destination has to offer.

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