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With over 300 days of sunshine every year, plus the accompanying clear blue skies, it's no wonder that Kemer on Turkey's Antalya coast is a magnet for holidaymakers looking for a chance to relax in the heat of the Mediterranean sun, with a mission to return home bronzed and with batteries recharged. While Kemer was once a sleepy town, it has transformed over recent years into a bit of a tourist hotspot ' mainly because of its incredible Blue Flag beaches. While the watersports, swimming and sunbathing are bound to be obvious activities, Kemer is also an excellent base for adventure and exploration, too. The natural beauty surrounding the region is astounding, with the resort itself framed by lush forests and rugged mountains that show a different aspect of this corner of the world. From the historical attractions to the markets and nightlife opportunities, Kemer holidays have something for everyone and are waiting on the Turkish Riviera for your visit.

Places to Go

Phaselis and Olympos
With ancient ruins that date back to the 6th century BC, Phaselis and Olympos are significant archaeological sites full of beauty and mystery. Once upon a time, Phaselis was a prolific Roman city whilst, nowadays, its ruins including an aqueduct and a main road are well worth the visit. Meanwhile, Olympos can be found a couple of miles up a dusty road and is home to Roman baths, sarcophagi coffins and a pretty, secluded beach.
Troy Aquapark
While some of the great attractions at this aquapark are the chutes, flumes and slides, there's also the added bonus of a dolphinarium where the intelligent bottlenose residents show off just how clever they are to spectators from around the world.
Kekova Island
Outstandingly beautiful and historically significant, Kekova Island is renowned for its ancient ruins that are partially submerged underwater. As part of the trip, stop by Myra too, where you will be able to see an impressive amphitheatre and various tombs carved into the rocks.

Things to Do

Take the Cable Car to the Top of Tahtali Mountain
Tahtali Mountain can be found within the central Taurus Mountains range not far from Kemer, and a cable car ride will take you right to the top. While it's certainly not a trip for anyone who suffers from vertigo, the adventure to be had by anyone else is priceless. Embrace the view that surrounds your cable car and immerse yourself in the phenomenal landscapes.
Experience an Authentic Hamam
Head to the Ottaman Spa (or any of the other hamam in the area) and experience the relaxation and rejuvenation that only a Turkish massage can provide. From the hot foam that you're lathered in on the marble blocks, to the invigorating exfoliation process that follows, a Turkish massage is a must at least once on a holiday to Kemer.
Dive in the Med
Venture beneath the waters as part of your Kemer holiday for a chance to swim amongst the sea life while admiring the pretty colours of the coral walls. Whether you need a little tuition or you're PADI qualified, there are various dive sites in the area that will take your breath away.eatre and various tombs carved into the rocks.

Top Holiday Resorts

With an abundance of ancient ruins and heritage sights, Kemer is much more than just a bustling holiday resort. While it would be easy to stay within the limits of the town, sampling the various nightlife options, restaurants and beaches on offer, it'd be just as possible to venture further afield to see more of Turkey as part of your trip.
The country's founder, Ataturk, claimed that Antalya is one of the most beautiful places on Earth - enjoy a stay here to see whether he was right. From its bustling beaches that are sun-drenched and pristine, to the archaeological sites that emanate history and heritage, Antalya is a gem on the Mediterranean coast that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. With some great deals from Direct Holidays, package holidays to Kemer are within your grasp. Take a look online at the various offers and book your break to the Turkish Riviera in time for some summer sun!

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