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It may not be the best known Turkish resort, but that's what adds to the charm of Goynuk. You don't need to worry about battling with the masses for a spot on the beach, nor do you have to worry about being overwhelmed by the hordes as you wander the village streets - all that is waiting for you is peace, tranquillity and a whole lot of relaxation. With a great beach location, Goynuk is a resort in the Antalya region of Turkey that knows how to do summer holidays, and knows how to do them well. With over 300 days of sunshine every year, it's no wonder the Turkish Riviera is a magnet for sunseeking holidaymakers, and Goynuk is one of those places where you can lap up as much sun as you want on its Mediterranean coast. The attractive village of Goynuk has extended over recent years to accommodate its growing tourism industry, but that doesn't mean that it's gotten too big for its boots - quite the opposite, actually. Its old mosques and fountains can still be found within the town, bumping hips with more modern additions. Whether you're here to enjoy the local culture, the Blue Flag beach or the great outdoors, you'll be perfectly placed with a stay in Goynuk.

Places to Go

Rhodes Town
You may be based in Turkey but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a bit of Greece as well. Enjoy a day trip to Rhodes Town and you will be able to immerse yourself in the rich history of this medieval UNESCO listed town. Pop by the Knights Castle, the Acropolis of Rhodes and the Grand Masters Palace - grab a bite to eaat on the Street of the Knights or enjoy the shopping opportunities in the more modern districts ' the choice is yours.
Phaselis and Olympos.
Home to an abundance of ancient ruins that date back to the 6th century BC, Phaselis and Olympos were both significant in their time. Nowadays, they provide some beautiful archaeological sights to see and explore.
Kekova Island
Renowned for its ruins, some of which are partially submerged, a trip to Kekova Island will bring you face to face with some stupendous sights. Bring your snorkel to explore the underwater treasures, and stop by Myra on your visit where you can admire the amphitheatre and carved rock tombs.

Things to Do

Shop in the Market
Pick up a bargain or two at the weekly market located in the heart of Goynuk. It can be found in the centre every Saturday and is a melting pot of stalls selling all manner of wares, from exotic spices to ceramics and jewellery. Make sure you have a go at haggling for a bargain though ' the vendors love it as much as the shoppers do!
Hike in the Mountains
The Goynuk Canyon can be found just behind the holiday resort and offers a fantastic hiking spot for those who love the great outdoors. There are a number of trails, ranging from gentle strolls to more challenging treks that run through the canyon, while the Lycian Way is also on your doorstep if you don't plan on stopping at one outdoor adventure.
Experience an Authentic Hammam
The opportunity to experience a Turkish bath shouldn't be ignored and with the centre of Goynuk being home to a number of authentic Hammams, housed in original Turkish bath buildings, you can't say no. Relax with one of these massages and you will walk away feeling completely refreshed. The hot foam that embraces you as you lie on the marble blocks is an experience in itself!

Top Holiday Resorts

Relaxed, laidback and perfect for a summer break, Goynuk has stayed a little off the radar when it comes to holidays in Antalya. While more people are finding this little gem of a resort, it's still incredibly low-key, charming and traditional - perfect for anyone wishing to enjoy a Turkish summer break at its best.
With plenty of ancient ruins and outdoor adventures on its doorstep, Kemer is one of those resorts that can answer everyone's holiday dreams. Situated 10km from Goynuk, a holiday here will place you in the perfect position to enjoy the best of the Turkish Riviera. Take your pick from the superb value Goynuk package holidays available from Direct Holidays and enjoy a corner of Turkey that hasn't totally succumbed to the growing Turkish tourism industry.