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Situated on the south west corner of Turkey , Dalyan exudes natural beauty as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. With Idyllic landscapes that will take your breath away, this area of the Dalaman province is a sight to behold. If you're looking for the perfect beauty spot, you've found it when you book a Dalyan holiday. However, if you're looking for more than just awe-inspiring panoramas, this unique and truly special resort will be able to quench that holiday thirst too!

Places to Go

Turtle Beach
So called due to its popularity amongst loggerhead turtles when they are looking for somewhere to breed, Turtle Beach AKA Iztuzu Beach is a 30minute boat ride away. Sail down the river admiring the pretty scenes that encircle you, before arriving at the crescent shaped white sandy beach which gives plenty of room for both you, and the loggerheads, to bathe and relax in harmony.
On the western side of the river, you will find the ancient city of Kaunos, a sight well worth your attention if you love to immerse yourself in the history of the area in which you're holidaying. The history of the city is supposed to date back to the 10th century BC, while nowadays you can still see remnants of its past - including an acropolis, a theatre and ancient city walls that overlook Iztuzu Beach.
Göcek 12 Islands
Climb on board the gulet that awaits you and set off on a cruise of the 12-islands of Göcek. With lush green mountains forming the backdrop and crystal clear waters begging to be plummeted into, a cruise around these phenomenally beautiful islands will leave you feeling relaxed and charmed. During the trip, you'll have plenty of opportunities to stop, stroll along the sands and enjoy a paddle before heading off on your way once more.

Things to Do

Chill Out with an Efes on Maras Caddesi
Dalyan's main street, Maras Caddesi, is where you will find a great selection of pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants to suit every need. From family-friendly establishments to Ibiza-style shenanigans, it's all here. Grab a glass of ice-cold Efes and take the weight off your feet while you watch the world go by and enjoy some of the local entertainment. Whatever your taste, there'll be a bar or restaurant for you.
Bathe in the Mud at Lake Koycegiz
Not only will a visit to Lake Koycegiz make you realise just how breathtaking the Dalaman region really is, but it will also bring you one step closer to a rejuvenating mud bath at the Sultaniye thermal springs and baths. Sink into the natural hot springs before getting stuck into the mud baths, which are supposed to make your skin feel incredible!
Admire the Lycian Rock Tombs
It'd be difficult to miss these extraordinary Lycian Rock Tombs if you're staying in the resort of Dalyan. While getting up close and personal is limited to those who know what they're doing, capturing the intricacy and beauty of these tombs from afar is just as rewarding. Wait until dusk to see them if you want to admire them in a different light.

Top Holiday Resorts

It may be a traditional fishing village but that doesn't mean that the Dalyan holidays are sleepy and unexciting. In fact, with a delightful break in Dalyan, you will have some of the best of what Turkey has to offer at your fingertips, from sandy beaches and turquoise seas to ancient ruins and a buzzing nightlife.
Further up the Dalaman coast is the vibrant and bustling resort of Marmaris . Larger than life and oozing vivacity and liveliness, this popular resort on the Turquoise Coast would be perfect for anyone looking to find everything that they could possibly need for the perfect, fun-filled holiday - all in one place. From cocktails and late nights to Ottoman castles and traditional cobbled streets, Marmaris is the epitome of old meets new destinations.
Take a look at the amazing Dalyan holidays from Direct Holidays and explore the natural beauty that can be found within south west Turkey.

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