When visiting Europe’s top cities we can all sometimes get carried away with everything you want to see, so I’ve come up with some fantastic free things to do in Hungary’s capital. Whether you’re trying to budget or just save a little you should check out these attractions.

Budapest is a captivating city that is split down the middle by the River Danube. Buda is built on the east of the river lining the banks and up into the hills, Pest is built to the west and is considerably bigger than its counterpart.

Stroll along the Danube


Strolling along the meandering Danube you’ll come across some of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. From the beautifully sculpted Parliament buildings to the most iconic sight of Budapest, the Chain Bridge, you’ll get a real flavour of the city just by walking along the banks of the river. But don’t stop there. Come back at night and you’ll experience something totally different, when the illuminated promenade reveals a different side to Budapest.

Heroes Square


Hősök tere (Heroes Square) is the most famous square in all of Hungary; it was built to commemorate the heroes who gave their lives to protect the people and country’s independence. The 36 metre column that dominates the square is flanked on either side by semi-circular colonnades, which house statues of those who helped make Hungary what it is today. The final part of the square is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that remembers all Hungarians who were killed in war.

Central Market


If you love food then you’ll love the Central Market in Pest, you’ll find a huge selection of fruit, vegetables and street food in the open air hall. The ornate facia gives way to hundreds of small stalls and souvenir shops where you can pick up trinkets to remember your trip or give to family and friends. If you want to get away from the bustling ground floor then head upstairs where you can enjoy a meal looking out over the Danube; perfect for a midday break.

Climb Gellert Hill


If you’ve ever seen a panoramic view of Budapest then it was probably taken from Gellert Hill. On the Buda side of the river the hill offers fantastic views of the entire city, whether you visit day or night. You don’t just climb the hill for the view though; the Liberty Statue and Citadella are perched on the summit and offer another reward for climbing to the top.

Escape in Margaret Island


If you feel that everything is moving a little too quickly then escape to Margaret Island, at just 1.6 miles long and 550 yards wide you can explore for just an afternoon.  In the middle of the Danube in central Budapest, the island makes you feel that there is nothing for miles apart from trickling water fountains, winding footpaths and a small zoo. It really is an oasis of calm in the centre of the bustling capital.

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