Adventure, excitement and new experiences are what summer holidays are all about. But before you jet off into the sunset, arm yourself with these travel hacks to ensure your holiday goes off without a hitch…

1.       Be prepared


Before you leave, scan your passport, visa and insurance documents and email them to yourself. While it isn’t pleasant to think about things that could go wrong, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can always access your details quickly and easily should you need to.

2.       Be savvy with your packing


Hauling around a ridiculously heavy case is no fun – and can be expensive if you have to pay for extra weight. So be sensible with your packing to save time and space. Roll items rather than folding, tuck underwear and socks into shoes, take travel size toiletries, and be realistic – do you really need 10 dresses for a four day holiday?

3.       Be the first to get your luggage back


You’ve just got off the plane and are itching to get to your hotel. But before you can, you have the boring task of waiting for your luggage to appear on the conveyer belt as you scramble and dive among the crowd.

This can be easily avoided, just ask for a ‘fragile’ sticker and watch your luggage be among the first to pop out!

4.       A secret hiding place for your cash…


Unfortunately, tourists are a prime target for unscrupulous thieves and no matter how hard you try to protect your money, you may fall foul of them.

The best advice is to take your money away in a variety of forms (cash and credit cards) and never carry it all on you. However, a good secret hiding place for bank notes is an old Chap Stick tube. Unless a thief has very sore lips, he’s unlikely to want to steal that!

5.       Eat like a local


There are usually plenty of restaurants available in holiday resorts, but to avoid being ripped off and sample some authentic cuisine, do your research into places off the tourist track. Ask the locals, look at reviews and visit local food markets to get a real taste of the region’s food.

6.       Become familiar with the currency


Make sure you familiarise yourself with the currency of your chosen destination before you arrive. Failing to do so could see you being ripped off by locals who spot the ‘gullible tourist.’

This is especially true where a few pounds in sterling is worth thousands in another currency – so carry a ready reckoner on you so you can keep track.

7.       No iron? No problem!


Hauling an iron around on holiday can be a right pain and extra weight that you really don’t need. But if you don’t want to spend your nights out in wrinkled dresses, shirts and blouses then simply hang your clothes up in the bathroom – and watch the steam from the bath or the shower work its magic!

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