It use to be a complete hassle packing enough stuff to keep the kids occupied while you were on your family holidays. You’d be weighed down with all their toys and books and even getting out of the hotel room could seem a major operation when there were so many things to remember. However, times have changed and in the digital age, all the things you could ever need to keep them occupied can fit on your tablet or smart phone.


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While all of your favourite holiday reads can be accessed at the push of a button, the kids sometimes need a bit more stimulation, and for these occasions, there are plenty of apps and games on the market – all guaranteed to keep them amused on long flights or when you want to veg out on the beach. Check out our list of top games and apps that are guaranteed to help you kill time on your holiday:


Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar (£1.99) – If you have little ones in tow and you want to keep them leaning while they’re on holiday then Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar can help. Children have to identify and count fruit over different levels so you can keep their minds active even if you’re committed to switching off by the sea.


Nosy Crow apps (from £2.49) – Interactive fairy tales with lovely animations that your children will adore. From Little Red Riding Hood to The Three Little Pigs, you can keep them reading at bedtimes or they can get involved with the action on long journeys with features like the ability to blow the little pigs houses down by blowing into the microphone!


PIXEL’D by Disney (free) – this is an app that will please creative parents as much as the kids. You take some of your best loved Disney characters and then customise them with your own pixel-art drawings or pre-made stamps. Competitive families will love to fight to see who can produce the best animations and then they can even be shared online.


Blast-A-Way (£2.99 ) – This 3-D puzzle game promises hours of fun as you control a trio of robots as they clear a path through the action by throwing colourful balls at all the things in their way. Just like having your games console on your phone.


Smurfs’ Village (free) – Like a version of the Sims for kids, this is a game that will keep them amused over a longer period of time. The aim of it is to help the Smurfs grow crops, earn cash and then they can buy things to improve their farm or village. One for a fortnight away.


Squiggles (0.69p) – is a great app for when the whole family is a bit bored. Use this app to customise photos on your phone whether you let little ones apply stamps to them or bigger kids paint whatever they want. It’s the kind of app that can keep the family entertained for hours and you can email them to yourself to keep well after the fun of the holiday is over.


Google Earth (free) – Ideal for older kids that want to feel like they are part of the action. You can download Google Earth and they can map out where you’re going or look at other far-flung places. It’s a great app for kids who want to create their own adventure and for families on a holiday that involves lots of travel.


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