There’s plenty to plan before going on your family holidays, but the most stressful element to sort out before getting on the plane is how to fit all your things into your suitcase without it weighing a ton, or having to leave some essentials behind. You want to save money by packing as little as possible – this way, you’ll avoid excess baggage charges and help to make sure you arrive and leave with all your belongings. So don’t start packing the night before, jam everything in and hope for the best. Follow our top tips to help ensure that your suitcase is properly organised..

Family Packing


Spreadsheets are a great way to make sure that everything you need ends up in your bag, and if you divide your spreadsheet into sections you can really make sure that all the bases are covered. From travel essentials like passports, hotel reservations and plane tickets, to fun beach toys and other easily forgettable items that will help keep the kids entertained.


Play suitcase Jenga

How you get everything in your suitcase is just as important as what you put in there, so make sure you pay attention to how you’re packing things to maximise space. The best tip is to roll your clothes up into tubes instead of folding in squares as that conserves more space. Make sure you wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes on the flight if possible to save you trying to squeeze them in. Invest in a kindle before you go so you aren’t taking heavy books, and make use of every space by popping your underwear or toiletries into your shoes instead of taking a big toiletry bag.


Everything in miniature

Bottles take up a huge amount of space in your suitcase and unfortunately some items, like sun cream, just have to be bought in bulk because they are so much cheaper in the UK. However, other things like shampoo and conditioner aren’t needed in such huge volumes, so invest in some 100ml bottles and decant your toiletries. This way, you’ll take the kind of amounts you really need and you’ll free up valuable space in your case.

So if you follow these tips you’ll take all the stress out of packing – leaving you to concentrate on having the perfect holiday!

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