If you’re going on a family holiday then a sure way to guarantee you have a great time is to pick a destination with a theme park. Luckily, theme parks are everywhere, from Florida and Paris, to Spain and Turkey, so you don’t have to compromise on your location to factor in a visit. However, organising a day out at a theme park isn’t as easy as you’d think, and if you don’t plan properly you can end up having a testing time. Make sure you get on the best rides and avoid disappointing the little ones for the rest of your getaway by checking out this list:


Holiday Themeparks


How to…choose the right theme park

Work out what your family wants from their trip before you book anything. If you’re going with small children then something with appropriate attractions is a must – think Disneyland with lots of family-friendly activities and rides that are suitable for little ones. For those of you with teenagers, you want to look for something with massive rides made for thrill-seekers, like Universal Studios or Parc Asterix.


How to…avoid feeling tired

Take your trip at the start of your holiday. A day at a theme park can be a tiring one so make sure you don’t go at the end of your holidays as it promises to be a full day of wandering around and standing up in queues so you’ll need to be at your most energetic.


How to…bag the best rides

Make sure you put together a schedule and stick to it – going to a theme park with a plan of action is a must. To avoid disappointment, make sure the start of the day is prepared with military precision so you get to experience all the rides you want to go on before the crowds arrive, and then you can relax later in the day, knowing you’ve done everything you wanted.


How to…avoid getting drenched

Nothing’s worse than wandering around a theme park soaked through so make sure you prepare before you go. Depending on the weather – and if there are any water rides – take some waterproofs, maybe a spare set of clothes, and suntan lotion if you’re in a hot location so you don’t get burned. What you don’t bring is just as important too so try and leave any valuables at home so one of you doesn’t end up sitting on the sidelines to stay with the bags.


How to…avoid seeing your lunch again!

Try and book somewhere to eat in advance in the theme park so you aren’t stuck in queues for ages and whatever you do, take time to digest as you don’t want to get on a ride when your stomach is full!


How to…save money

Limit the merchandise you buy. There are only so many pieces of memorabilia you need when you go to a theme park, so set a limit on what the kids can have before they go to make sure that sulking doesn’t spoil a great day on the way out through the gift shop!


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