Family holidays are a precious thing, you want to be soaking up all the sun whilst your kids want to play and splash around. Some kids enjoy just playing in the sand all day but other may need a little more attention. So to help you to keep them entertained through the day I’ve come up with the 7 best things to keep kids entertained at the beach, they may even inspire you to create your own games.


1) Sand sculpture

Leave the kids to build their masterpiece and watch them slowly sculpt it into an elegant animal or shape. It takes a while to build and form, it may even give you time to finish that chapter of your book.

2) Let the kids bury you

Instead of building a sculpture why not let the kids bury you and give them the chance to give you that beach body you’ve always wanted! You can rest knowing that they’re having fun and you don’t need to move, although you won’t get that perfectly even tan you’ve waited all year for.


3) Build a sand-city and moat

If your kids want to be sandcastle pro’s they should try and build a sand-city. Using a single bucket create the generic building then use the spade to shave sections off to make each unique. Make sure they don’t forget to decorate them with shells and pebbles before they dig the moat.

4) Bowling/Boules

A plastic set of balls can be used in so many different games, but one of my favourites is bowls. If you don’t have ten pins you could play the classic boules version. Pick a marker ball and try to get as close as you can, whether your young or old this is sure to pass the time.


5) Beach volleyball

You can have great fun playing volleyball, all you need is a beach ball. If there isn’t a net in sight just draw a line in the sand and don’t let the ball touch the ground on your side. If you happen to have a windbreaker you could make your own net and make it a little more official.

6) Musical Towels

If you have enough towels lay them out in a circle making sure that there is always one less towel to the number of people. If you have a mobile phone play a song through the speaker, or if you want to be a pro you can download one of the musical chair apps available for IPhone and Android. If you don’t have a phone to hand one of the adults can sing a song and be joined by people who are out of the game.

7) Splash

You can’t go to the beach and not have a splash around. After a day of fun getting sand everywhere, why not take a dip to cool off. If the waves aren’t too big see how many you can jump over.

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