Packing for a holiday can be one of the most stressful times in your life. So throwing in a few home comforts can be a higher priority than those extra pair of sandals. We want the sun and don’t mind travelling to get closer to it, but some things the Brits definitely aren’t giving up on, are mostly food items.

Food and drink


Teabags are the most ranked item Brits make room for in their suitcase. Whether it’s Earl grey or English breakfast, a cup of tea is an absolute daily need for the British. Some have even been known to take their own kettle for fear of there not being one at their destination. Coffee and biscuits are also top of the list, because if you’re going to have a hot drink, you have to take a pack of your favourite biscuits to dunk.

Food is top of the list and a lot of people are not prepared to leave their favourites at home. Chocolate bars, Marmite and crisps are a few must haves the Brits can’t bare to be parted from; even for a week. Some of the stranger foods people take with them are instant mash and instant noodles.

A piece of home


One of the most missed things when Brits go on holiday is their own bed. No matter how fancy the hotel or comfy the bed, people just can’t get past the fact it’s not the same as home. Obviously people can’t pack a bed into a suitcase, but some people take a small part with them; their pillow.

When you go abroad it’s very likely the hotel will provide towels for you, but many Brits think “I better take some towels, just in case”. Items like this go unused and are usually just dead weight in your suitcase.

Electronics and gadgets


In this day and age you can download almost anything onto a device the size of your hand or smaller. So why Brits decide taking books rather than an E-reader is a good idea we’ll never know. Some can claim technophobia as an excuse, but with baggage limits becoming less and less these days, we have to start being savvier with the space in our suitcase.

A holiday is a time to take a break from your usual routine. Yet, another most missed item is a person’s laptop. Unless you have to drag it along because it’s a working holiday, maybe it’s time to leave the extra weight at home.

Television is such a big part of our lives it’s no surprise we miss it when it’s not available. Websites like BBC iPlayer can be a god send for catching up on all your favourite TV programmes when you’re abroad. Now you just have to find good Wi-Fi, which can be hard to find.

Whatever country you’re from everyone needs their home comforts. The Brits just happen to favour food over loved ones. Just try to stop a Brit from having their beloved cup of tea in a morning, and see what happens.

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