On holiday, grown-ups usually opt for sun and relaxation, but kids might not agree with that laid-back attitude!

In fact, one of our online polls shows that you put sunny weather first when it comes to your holiday, with beautiful beaches and peace and quiet in second and fourth place respectively. So how do you keep children from uttering the dreaded ‘bored’ word…

Sand and Sea

Lots of destinations are made for both parents and kids. Tenerife is a good option for families; you get sun-baked beaches, affordable food as well as a bit of nightlife. There’s a lot for kids to do on and off the sand as well. Building sandcastles is an obvious and traditional choice, but for older kids get them to make more ambitious shapes in the sand, if you’ve got the energy, make a car, plane or boat, they’ll have loads of fun in their imaginary journeys. You can also use the sand as a kind of drawing board, play noughts and crosses or draw pictures and whoever guesses them the quickest wins.

Lost Treasure

Your idea of looking for treasures may be shopping for gifts in Benidorm‘s many souvenir shops, but your children may not be so enthusiastic -so get them involved with their own treasure hunt at the beach. If you’ve already built the sandcastle, then get them to look for bits of driftwood to add a drawbridge or look-outs to – depending on the size of your ‘sand’ car, wood can be used to add number plates or seats. Use stones and shells to fashion bits of jewellery – kids might like them even more than the shop-bought kind.

Ball games

There’s nothing children love more than a good old kick-around on the beach, and there’s so many different kinds of games they can play, in and out of the water. Beaches are often set up for activities; take Cyprus, with its amazing Nissi Beach, ideal for sand volleyball. You can play it anywhere – even if they’re no nets, just improvise with windbreaks. For a bit of extra fun take some empty balloons and water pistols to the sea. Fill balloons with sea water and get kids to throw them to each other; they’ll love getting covered in water. If they’re tired of kicking around beach balls, line two up and get the children to move them by firing water pistols at them, the first to cross the line in the sand wins!

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