Lots of choice can never be a bad thing – although when you’re trying to work out which of the many theme parks to visit for your Florida holidays it can certainly be confusing.

To help you decide what parks you can squeeze into your hols, we’ve put together a rundown of the best themed attractions in the Sunshine State. Now all you have to do is decide which ones to cross off your list and get yourself prepared for some nail-biting rides!


Pure Fun

Walt Disney World parks are great to visit because they are huge and have what seems like limitless food, entertainment and rides, as well as being packed with all the Disney characters we know and love. The theme park’s Magic Kingdom, with its iconic Cinderella Castle is the top place to be to meet everyone from Buzz Lightyear to Mary Poppins. You can also visit the Old West, Adventureland and the latest attraction – New Fantasyland. The latest addition has an enchanted forest and storybook, really bringing the magic to your Florida holiday deals. But the fun doesn’t begin and end with Disney. Universal Studios is another non-stop fun attraction where you can hang on for dear life on the Lost Continent rides, not to mention the Terminator 2 and ET Adventure attractions. The site also has lots of food options and play zones for younger kids.


Several of the sites have an animal theme, so if you fancy seeing loads of exotic animals then Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Busch Gardens can put the creature comforts into your cheap holiday. Animal Kingdom is a part of Walt Disney World and has over 1,000 animals living on 500 acres of land, as well as exhibitions about extinct animals like dinosaurs. Busch Gardens is slightly smaller but just as much fun, with Africa getting the park treatment. Over 2,000 animals live at the attraction, which recently celebrated the birth of a rare white rhino.


Splash Out

Several Florida attractions know exactly how to make the most of the wet stuff. SeaWorld Orlando is the obvious choice if you’re after marine animal shows and rides where you could need a change of clothing to survive. There’s also a new ride billed for next year which claims to add more adrenalin action to the world-famous park. Antarctica – Empire of the Penguins is currently set to open this spring.


Something Different

At some point on your holiday, you might want a change from all the rides and familiar characters and instead opt for a park that’s a little bit different from what Disney and Universal offer. Wannado City is one of these theme parks that you might not have seen anywhere else. Here, kids get to role-play different careers to their hearts’ content… Children are give a special currency (Wongas) and can try out experiences where they see how policemen, firemen, archaeologists and many others live. The Holy Land Experience is another different kind of park which transports you back to biblical times. Its living history theme demonstrates how people lived thousands of years ago – which could bring a bit of calm to adrenalin-shredded nerves.

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