If New Year’s Eve leaves you – literally – left out in the cold, then maybe you’d have much more fun and comfort seeing in 2013 abroad. This way you can combine all the fun that you get on a night out on the town with a good dose of winter sun. You might even want to do something completely different for Hogmanay this year.

Go Cruising

In some parts of the UK the average winter temperatures can go down to a chilly 4°C – not great when you’re wearing a skimpy dressing-up outfit for New Year’s Eve or you simply don’t want your stunning outfit to get lost under a pile of winter woollies. Well, it’s a different story in Egypt at year-end, with winter temperatures sometimes maxing out at 25°C, perfect for a trip down the Nile or if you’re going to a fancy beach bash in Sharm El Sheikh. Why not kick off 2013 by booking your cheap holidays to Egypt and take a dip in the Red Sea instead of cuddled up to your hot water bottle on New Year’s morning.


The Same, but Different

Just because you go abroad, doesn’t mean you have to totally change how you celebrate the last day of the year! Going away can simply mean having a warmer time as well as enjoying all the usual laughs and good times. Why not tuck into Turkey paella in the Canary Islands, or maybe enjoy a mince pie from home by the pool. Whether it is a Lanzarote holiday you have in mind, a Gran Canaria break or a New Years trip to Tenerife, one thing you will be guaranteed is sunshine – and lots of it – so no need to pack the winter woollies.


New Years Eve – Not a Big deal?

Maybe the whole end of the year celebration is not for you and you would rather spend the dark December and January nights planning next year’s summer holiday.

In Greece, nightlife is everything, from lazy evenings spent feasting on the delicious local food, or chilling out at a tavern while waiting for the sun to rise. It doesn’t have to be New Year to have a night to remember, so if you’re thinking about Crete holidays or a Rhodes holiday in 2013 – you can imagine saving to watch the sunrise in the warmth next year rather than trying to grab an expensive taxi on a cold, January morning back home.

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