Halloween fever has certainly captured the imagination in the UK over the last decade. Previously a purely American rite of passage, now costumed-clad youngsters are a normal, if spooky, sight on the streets on October 31. At this time of year you can’t move in supermarkets and shops for pumpkins, skeletons and other scary stuff designed to make the day a really haunting event. However while we have embraced the event over here, you could be in for an even bigger treat if you’re celebrating them abroad.

Most of us have been here before… shivering while we go trick-or-treating with the kids, piling on coats over costumes in order to keep warm. Maybe a bit of sunshine could add a summery twist to October 31, and a spooky scare factor, to cheap holidays abroad at this time of year.


Gloves Are Off

Americans take some parties to their hearts and this is definitely true for Halloween. Across the country young and old dress up and go trick or treating. Even tourist mecca Florida doesn’t escape the festival, as special events are put on at the numerous theme parks and epic parties are planned; as if there wasn’t enough to do on a Florida holiday in the first place! But remember after all the scary shenanigans you can relax in the Everglades, or continue the fun at places like Walt Disney World Resort and SeaWorld.


Mexican Jumping “Scream”

It’s clear that the USA knows how to throw a good party – but so does its neighbour Mexico. You might get more than you bargained for on your Mexico holiday if you’ve booked to visit the country over October 31st and early November. Mexico really takes the pagan roots of the tradition and makes it its own, so you can have a spine-tingling Halloween if you want! Called the Day of the Dead, an important part of the Mexican tradition is remembering late relatives, which they do by making sweets, as well as donning costumes and lighting lanterns. All these events might make it seem a little scary for children but it really is a celebration for Mexicans and children go trick-or-treating for coins rather than sweets.


Holiday Like an Egyptian

If the only thing you want tingling your spine, is some sand and sun, then another destination entirely might be the answer for an October break. Some Egyptian resorts do celebrate the festival, but there is so much history and ancient sites to see that you can easily leave Halloween behind in favour of some equally-old traditions! Resorts scattered along the Red Sea coast and further inland are good for history buffs, but you can also do totally modern activities on Egypt holiday deals – like diving – just stay away from any scary looking fish.

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