A good book is one of the top items to take away on family holidays. It kills time in airports, deals with delays, and battles boredom on the beach. Deciding which book to put in the suitcase is part and parcel of packing, but what about choosing a book to read to the little ones?

Reading to children makes them more likely to read earlier and learn faster, so with today being International Children’s Book Day (2nd April), we take a look at five classics you may want to consider for your kids.


Where the Wild Things Are

This story by Maurice Sendak stars a young boy named Max. After being sent upstairs to bed without dinner for being naughty, he enters a fantasy world full of bizarre creatures – The Wild Things. He’s wearing his favourite wolf play suit so the friendly monsters take him in as (almost) one of their own.

Children will love it just for the amazing illustrations, let alone all the action and suspense!



The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This award-winning book has been popular with children and adults alike for generations. The heart-warming story of a caterpillar’s transformation into a beautiful butterfly truly stands the test of time. With an introduction to counting and the days of the week, it’s a great learning experience wrapped up in an enticing adventure.



The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Originally rejected by a whole host of publishers, this book by Beatrix Potter went on to sell 45 million copies in 36 different languages. The family favourite follows rebellious Peter Rabbit during his adventures in Mr. McGregor’s garden.




Goodnight Moon

Getting kids off to sleep can be a testing time, particularly on holiday in strange new surroundings. What better way to help them settle in than a calming, comforting bedtime story about…a calming, comforting bedtime. The words are written in entertaining rhyming verse so they’re easy to memorize, even for younger children.



Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone

If you’ve had children growing up in the last decade, Harry Potter will have been impossible to ignore. J.K. Rowling’s tale of a magician in the making was published in 1997 and won hearts the world over. One for slightly older children, it shows how key decisions can influence people’s future and even looks at complex social issues. Just don’t try to read it all to the kids in one night!


Don’t stop at our suggestions, have a think about the books that inspired you when you were a child. Perhaps you’ve even got them somewhere in a dusty attic?

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