So you’ve packed your digital camera, iPod, hair straighteners and your mobile – all necessary items for going on holiday; but there’s also a whole load of weird and wonderful gadgetry you could take… if you’re brave enough.


Holding Your Nose?

GasBGon Flatulence Filter SeatLet’s face it, not all travellers manage to stay as clean and fragrant on their journeys as they were when they first set off. Some may even add to the atmosphere with embarrassing wind! The latter problem could also be the result of a more exotic diet which can take time to adjust to. The good news is if you’re the guilty or non-guilty party in this scenario, the GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat can come to your rescue. It muffles sounds and prevents odours circulating so you and your fellow passengers can have a smell-free journey.



Micro Samsonite Luggage ScooterYou grabbed one of those amazing holiday deals on offer – but are you one of those people running towards check-in, sprinting to the gate, thinking you’re going to miss out on that fabulous break because you didn’t make your flight? Then the Micro Samsonite luggage travel scooter might be the perfect accessory for you. Its hand luggage that converts into a scooter, so you can zip through the airport if need be and make your flight on time.


Your Perspective

Pivothead Recording SunglassesSome destinations need both sunglasses and recording. Take Florida holidays, all that sun bouncing off the beautiful white-sand beaches could be a bit much for eyes used to the grey British summer. Instead of wrestling with your phone or camera, trying to find the video function you can just turn on your sunglasses instead! Made by Pivothead, the glasses are designed to record video on the move.


Back Up

Mangroomer DIY Back ShaverMen usually react one of two ways having hairy backs, they either go through the whole waxing experience/torture or just leave it au naturale and couldn’t care less. The DIY backshaver is the gadget you might not be able to leave home without if you like it smooth. Shaped like a regular razor, it’s jointed to fold up in your luggage and extends so even if you’re other half can’t help you shave off the fuzz, you can.


Keep It To Yourself

Travel BidetSome subjects aren’t really topics of conversation on holiday. So this gadget is one that you probably won’t be talking about around the pool – the NRS The Palm Travel Bio Bidet… However happy you are with how well this handheld device works, best not to boast about it to other holidaymakers you get chatting too!

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