Whether You Like All-Inclusive or Self-Catering, Find Your Perfect Hotel Here

When you’re looking to book your holiday, working out what kind of board to go for can be baffling. There are so many options but choosing the right one can save you cash and guarantee a more relaxed holiday. Don’t feel daunted by the amount on offer though, just check out our top tips on which kind of board is best for you:

All Inclusive Holidays

Room only holidays

If you want to experience everything the destination has to offer and sample local delights every meal time, then go for a room only option. You’ll have to be prepared to embrace regional fare and have your breakfast, lunch and dinner away from your accommodation as there won’t be any facilities for preparing food in your room.

Self-catering holidays

Want to taste local dishes but don’t want to splash out every day? Go for a self-catering package. You’ll still have to arrange your own meals but you’ll have all the equipment to prepare them in your room. This option offers flexibility on everything from lazy breakfasts to snacks that don’t cost a fortune, and quick fixes for fussy eaters.

Bed and breakfast

If you want a little indulgence on your holiday then bed and breakfast is the only choice for you. Every morning, between set times, continental or cooked breakfasts will be laid out for you, setting you up perfectly for your day ahead.

Half-board holidays

Half-board is great if you want to save the pennies. It’s usually breakfast and dinner on offer, leaving you to fend for yourself at lunchtime. This means a lot of your outgoings are already paid for and it’s great for those who want to eat and then tumble into bed after a long day of exploring.

Full-board holidays

If you want to take the stress out of your break away and plan to position yourself in the vicinity of the hotel then go for full-board. All your meals are laid on for you but don’t forget that drinks and treats like ice pops aren’t included and restricted times for meals mean you won’t be able to stray far from your accommodation.

All-Inclusive holidays

If you don’t want to spend a penny when you arrive in your destination then an all-inclusive holiday is your best bet. Three meals, snacks and soft and alcoholic drinks are all offered – as well as complimentary activities in some resorts. If you’re looking to laze in the sun and hang around the hotel then this is a great choice.

So now you know what you get with each of the board options, you can get exactly what you want out of your holiday – whether it’s everything laid on or simply a bed to rest your head at nights.

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