Holiday Inspiration For Winter 2015

As you sit and read this without a cloud in the sky and sun beating down I bet you’re not thinking about the cold and dark winter months ahead. They are slowly creeping up on us again and if, like me, you miss the sun, sea and sand, you’ll probably want to get away from it all and go somewhere exotic. Well look no further, with one of these winter sun destinations. They’re all within easy reach for 7 days of uninterrupted sunshine and relaxation, so don’t get down hearted this winter escape and find some beautiful sun.


Red Sea Riviera

Average Temperature: November: 27°C, December: 23°C, January: 22°C and February: 23°C

Sharm El Sheikh and Hurgarda are the main resorts on the Red Sea coastline and have an amazing variety of attractions and quality hotels, which hug the beautiful coastline. If you stay in Sharm’s Shark’s Bay, you’ll have beautiful coral reefs right outside of your hotel, with tropical marine life swimming around you as you dive into the crystal clear waters. However if you choose to stay in either Hurgarda or Naama Bay you’ll find amazing sandy beaches and a great range of things to do.


Average Temperature: November: 20°C, December: 16°C, January and February: 15°C

Beautiful in the winter months, Fethiye is one of Turkey’s most stunning destinations. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll be staying in a quality hotel and have activities that are perfect for even the youngest member of the family. You’ll be able spend your days on the beach or exploring all of the great food your all-inclusive hotel has to offer.


Canary Islands

Average Temperature: November: 24°C, December: 22°C, January and February: 21°C

Well known as a year round destination the Canary Islands are popular for couples and families. Each island has its own personality offering world class attractions such as Siam Park: Tenerife, Oasis Park: Fuerteventura and Timanfaya National Park: Lanzarote. With the weather on the islands averaging above 20°C in all of the winter months, you’ll enjoy days under the beating sun spending quality time with your loved ones.

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Cape Verde

Average Temperature: November: 28°C, December: 26°C, January and February: 25°C

The hottest of all these winter holiday spots, Cape Verde was a popular destination when we launched it in winter 2014, and I’m sure that this year it’ll be even more sought-after.  Even in the coldest months of January and February, the temperatures still average around 25°C, this is because it is just over 1500km north of the equator and 1000km from the coast of Africa. Winter 2015 won’t know what’s hit it when you step off the plane and onto the vast stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches and warm Atlantic waters.

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