…How to Make Your Sun Break Festive

Overindulgence, a chill in the air and a house packed full of excited children and tired relatives are all signs Christmas has arrived in our homes. But could it feel as celebratory without some of these festive favourites?

Christmas holiday deals abroad give us all the chance to escape the cold UK winter, gut-busting foods, TV repeats and soap super-dramas, but the truth is that some of us will miss these year-end rituals if we don’t get them. If you’re heading overseas this Christmas, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you carry the holiday spirit with you:


Swap Presents

First up, we don’t advise taking all the pressies you’ve got for your kids and other half in your suitcase! Aside from the battle to squeeze them into your luggage and the risk of making your bags too heavy, they could easily get broken or damaged. Taking one or two gifts and photos of the others could work well, or just open the rest at home when you get back – so you get two Christmases. Some locations like Gran Canaria and Spain in general have great festive celebrations and shops will have loads of presents, so you can even buy them when you arrive.


Try Seasonal Events / Treats

The Canary Islands are not the only holiday hotspot to pull out all the stops for Christmas. Many places will be throwing big parties and celebrations like you will find on your holidays to Mexico. Instead of a chilly winter carnival in the UK, you can watch the street processions and get involved in the festive cheer abroad. Mexican traditions follow closely with Spanish ones, including their embracing of the main Christmas procession, La Posada, which sees people travel from house to house in a re-enactment of Mary or Joseph’s journey looking for shelter. Your little ones will love the chance to try and break a brightly-decorated clay Pinata, which dangles from a rope, and get at all the Christmas goodies that are waiting for them inside – beats pin the tail on the donkey!


Watch a Festive Movie

Most of us could probably quote large chunks of Mary Poppins, The Great Escape, and It’s a Wonderful Life, but that can be part of the fun of Christmas Day. If you’re missing watching a festive film, either take yourself and your family off to the cinema for an afternoon to catch the latest holiday flicks or download them onto an iPad or Laptop to watch after your siesta!


Skype a Hello

Sometimes the only time we get to see all of our extended family is over Christmas. If you’re missing a bit of the festive drama of family life and the company of your relatives, then get everyone together for a skype session. You might feel lucky that you’re headed for the beach afterwards, not a drive home on icy roads with over tired kids.


Decorations with a Difference

Even if you feel you might escape the Christmas atmosphere in some hot locations, like Tunisia and Egypt, you can still make you own festive cheer. Decorate a small tree with sea shells from the sun-baked beaches, nautical ropes can make do as tinsel, or buy in sea-themed decorations from the many shops if you’re not feeling enthused by arts and crafts.

 Merry Christmas in Different Languages

But if you decided to stay at home for the Christmas festivities in the cold, why not treat yourself to a sun-drenched break next year in Florida or check out the latest Cyprus holiday deals available!


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