Let’s get one thing straight, holidays are not for dieting, they’re for having fun, although you can still stay in shape even if you do indulge a little.

We’ve all heard those stories where people go on a cruise or all-inclusive break and return home with a bit of extra luggage around their waist. If the last thing you want to do when you get home from your hols is to think about dieting, then check out our tips for staying in shape.

Local Food 

Local dishes can be a really healthy option, like some of the mouthwatering tapas dishes you can eat in Spain. If you’re not a fan of the local food, then do try something different on holiday. Cyprus holidays are the ideal time to get a bit experimental; all kinds of foods are available on the island, from Japanese, to Indian to traditional UK dishes. Try swapping meat for fish and rather than fill up on carbs go for fresh veggies.

Swap Drinks

Beer and wine go great with a nice meal and a night out, but they are packed full of calories. On lots of all-inclusive cheap breaks, you might get unlimited access to these kinds of drinks – a real temptation! Think about swapping them for some lower-calories tipples if you’re keen to stay in shape… slimline tonic is a great mixer for vodka and gin, and some diet alco-pops and beers might be available.


>Holiday activities can be fun, especially if the whole family gets involved. If you’ve got a feeling that you might enjoy surfing or kayaking on the Mediterranean Sea – look at Turkey holidays, there will be no stopping you giving it a go. Even ‘gentler’ pursuits can help keep you in shape, like swimming or even table tennis.

Increase your Footfall  

We’re a nation of car users, especially in bad weather but hopefully you won’t have that excuse on your hols. Get walking to really see the sights or take in some more secluded, hard-to-reach  beaches. Some of the best cultural attractions you’ll see will be from taking a stroll rather than a glass window on bus tours. Take the medinas you can visit on a Tunisia holiday; these ancient market places are a real experience and you may even spot a great bargain.

And… Relax

Yes, relaxing can help keep you in shape, especially if it reduces your levels of stress-hormone cortisol, which can increase weight gain. So grab a good read, book in for a massage or enjoy a spa day – what better way to unwind.

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