Finding a family holiday activity for all ages to enjoy isn’t always an easy task; although a day out at a water park could be the perfect answer; and a great way to start your break with a literal splash.

Images of kids – and brave adults – screaming their way down water slides, cannoning through flumes and clinging on for dear life through rapids might make you think a trip to a water park is a bit like taking part in Total Wipeout. They can certainly get your adrenaline going but there are lots to choose from, so you can get a good mix of attractions for you, the kids, the faint and not-so-faint hearted.


Soaked in the US

A Florida holiday has oodles of things for families to do – lots of food to choose from, shopping malls to visit and a great selection of theme parks to experience. You could probably find a different theme park for each day of your holiday, and a water park is a good way to have fun and enjoy the warm southern US climate. If you’re staying near Orlando, then SeaWorld’s Waterpark Aquatica is a good option for adults and kids. There’s a lot to keep you entertained, from relaxing in the wave pools to floating down Loggerhead Lane. For those looking for a bit more excitement, thrills and spills can be had on high-speed slides and rapids.


Wet and Wild in Turkey

A lot of families on Turkey holidays return home with cameras packed full of water park snaps. This is because there are so many aquatic centres to choose from – making for action-packed pictures. Take Marmaris, it actually has two different parks AquaDream Waterpark and Atlantis Waterpark. AquaDream is located above the resort in a hilly location on a large site, with rides for all ages, including tunnels, waterfalls and pools just to relax in. Atlantis has a seaside location with a compact site that squeezes in lots of child-friendly fun slides and steep flumes if you want to test your nerves.

European Screaming

Our favourite holiday spots, like the Balearics and the Canaries, and mainland resorts like Benidorm are all usually located near to great water parks – but some really stand out. Take Siam Park in Tenerife – it’s got all the typical rides but with the added twist of a theme – in this case Thailand – so you could get two holidays in one! As well as slides measuring 28 metres in height, wave pools and gravity-defying rides, there’s also a Jacuzzi to unwind in; all against a backdrop of Thai-inspired scenery. Siam Park isn’t the only one in Europe with its own theme – WaterWorld in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, has a large number of whirlpools, plunge slides and flumes and all designed with an ancient Greece theme. The park has also won lots of awards since it opened and can be the ideal family activity for you to enjoy on your Cyprus holidays.

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