The Loch Ness Monster lives! That’s what Nessie-watchers would hope, as the world’s eyes turn to the Scottish Highlands for the 80th anniversary of the creature’s first modern sighting.

But if you’re a scientifically-minded traveller in search of a critter – or ‘cryptozoologist’- Scotland isn’t the only place you can go. We take a look at some monsters from around the world to inspire your pseudo-scientific travels.


The Yeti

Where: The Himalayan regions of Tibet and Nepal, and perhaps Siberia

Why: The Abominable Snowman or the Yeti – call it what you will. Just don’t expect to get too close to this ape-like humanoid. Dr Igor Burtsev, Russia’s leading Yeti researcher, says that Yetis are Neanderthals that survived extermination by Homo sapiens (that’s us). They have no clothing, tools or fire, says Burtsev, “Only round-the-clock watchfulness for Homo sapiens.” Burtsev believes there’s genuine evidence of Yetis living in Siberia today . Sounds like your destination of choice then – unless you fancy North America’s Pacific Northwest, where the Yeti’s US cousin Bigfoot is believed to live.


The Kraken

Where: Out at sea

Why: Any cruise featuring a sighting of a legendary sea monster would be a holiday to remember. Best hope it’s another vessel that takes the Kraken’s interest, though – some have claimed that these monsters from the depths are responsible for the mysterious disappearance of even warships. The Norse legend of the Kraken could be founded in fact, as it turns out. Sightings of giant squid are bound to have inspired fear in sailors, and they’re no myth. Just this year, scientists have captured a giant squid on camera and analysed the creature’s genetics, too.


The Loch Ness Monster

Where: Loch Ness, the Scottish Highlands, around 37km southwest of Inverness

Why: Your reason to hike the Highlands? To prove the doubters wrong! Mind you, you’re not alone as a true believer. At the Edinburgh science festival this month, 20 participants raised their hands to signal their faith in Nessie’s existence – although there are others who think the famous 1933 photo of Nessie can be explained away as “a dog which has just picked up a stick.”


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