So you’re all set to visit a famous tourist attraction expecting to be blown away, but you’re not – in fact you’re a little disappointed, so what’s best to see and what might not rock your boat.

See for Yourself 

The USA is one of those places packed full of great sights, with our Facebook group agreeing it holds some of the must-see landmarks. Planning to look into Florida holiday deals? Then don’t forget to pay Walt Disney World a visit, the land of Mickey and Minnie is always hit with both adults and children.

Across the country, the Las Vegas Strip is another USA tourist staple that hits all the right buttons with our holidaymakers. Iconic images of the strip promise all that the bright lights and big city can offer; and it rarely fails to live up to the reality. There is no other place on earth where you can look out your hotel window and see Paris, the pyramids and a fairy tale castle – they might not real – but that’s part of the fun. But if it is a more authentic experience you’re after, another well known tourist attraction is Giza’s famous Pyramids. If you think Egypt holidays wouldn’t be complete without a visit to these iconic ancient constructions then our Facebook group tells us you’d be right. It seems holidaymakers can’t get enough of historic buildings, with Mayan city Chichen Itza getting lots of visitors and high on the list of highlights for those going on a Mexico holiday.

Attraction Turn-Offs 

There’re a few reasons that some tourist sights are a turn-off, sometimes they’re a victim of their own success and have become pricey or difficult to see because everyone has the same idea to visit them. The most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa is a bit like this, and you might find yourself jostling to get a glimpse of the famous painting under its protective glass shield in Paris’ Louvre. Sydney’s Bondi Beach is again so famous it can get packed out. Crowds drawn by the idea of a great beach close to shops and restaurants mean it’s a busy location, with outlets sometimes charging a lot for food.

Los Angeles is another of these locations where you can find pretty much anything you need for a holiday, beach, massive malls, even some star spotting – but the city’s Rodeo Drive is an up-market shopping location that doesn’t always thrill visitors, with some saying it’s anything but glam! But each to their own and if you’re not convinced by either list come and tell us why…

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