You know it’s time to start your holiday packing from scratch if the only way you can do up your case is by getting the entire family to sit on it; but what are the items you really should take?

Sack the Packer

Packers come in two main types, the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘whatevers’. You’re a ‘what if’ if you’ve booked something like a sunny Crete holiday and still take all kinds of clothes in case of wind, rain, storms, or the apocalypse. ‘Whatevers’ booked on the same trip will take swimwear and not much else, but the best packer is someone in-between.


There’s likely to be so much to do on your break that you probably can’t imagine packing things to help you unwind even more. On exotic breaks, like Goa Holidays, you might be able to look out at the Arabian Sea from a peaceful coconut grove, but it’s likely before long you will be turning back to read your favourite beach-buster novel on your Kindle. Don’t think you can get away with leaving your technology at home, from iPods, to mobiles to cameras – these are must-have items – especially if you need to keep the kids or the other half entertained!

Keeping Safe

Cheap breaks to the sun are the perfect way to escape, but they don’t always go as planned. Taking your passport is a given, and some photocopies of it can help if it gets lost or stolen. Also, programme important numbers, like your tour company’s number, into it in case you get delayed or need to contact them for medical advice.

Money savers

You holiday money should be spent on all the cool things you can do while you’re away, like splashing cash on great nights out during fun-filled Ibiza holidays. As one facebooker told us, small empty bottles are a good way to save money, just fill them with your favourite products before you go. From making shapes on the dance floor, to playing around on the beach – your holiday clothes can come under a bit of stress. A travel sewing kit can sort out damage from wear and tear so you don’t have to replace items – unless you want to!

Looking Good

We all know what the sun and sea can do to hair, men can look suitably shipwrecked and dressed down, women on the other hand might be grabbing for their hair straighteners and products. Don’t forget them and your makeup if you need them to keep your usual look for a good night out.

And not forgetting….

Your other half! Yes some of you romantics think they are the most important ‘item’.

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