Planning your first family holiday can seem a little overwhelming. Taking your little ones abroad often seems fraught with potential problems – from taking a noisy baby on a flight to finding a destination that won’t disappoint the kids but allow you to have a great break too. Luckily, there are plenty of package holidays that offer solutions to all potential problems when it comes to taking the little tykes abroad! Follow our top tips to make sure you have a stress-free family holiday:

Family Holiday Destinations

 Facing the airways

The prospect of taking kids on a plane is enough to strike fear into the heart of any parent but all those prospective pitfalls can be avoided with a little preparation. Make sure you have plenty of toys and games to keep them amused and packed lunches in case they turn their noses up at the in-flight option. Try and keep them occupied in the run up to a night flight so they sleep through, and once you’re there, get them straight back into their normal routine to avoid jetlag.

Location, location, location

Picking the right destination is essential to ensuring your whole family enjoys their first holiday away together. You need to strike the right balance of activities for the kids and things to do to keep the adults amused. The easiest approach is to go for a popular tourist location instead of going off the beaten track, which will make the whole process much less clear cut. For example, Florida offers theme parks for the kids and sun, sea and water sports for the grown-ups, whereas Spain is perfect for a family getaway as it offers plenty of waterparks to keep little ones happy and culture and cuisine to keep mum and dad satisfied.  Make sure you go somewhere when and where the temperature is bearable – so don’t head to Greece in mid-July! Choosing somewhere tourist-friendly means you can sample local fare but there will be lots of options for fussy eaters too.

Choose accommodation carefully

You want to look for a hotel that’s set up for the whole family and offers every amenity you can imagine so that you have a fool-proof place to head back to when the kids have had enough of wandering around. A good pool is essential and many resorts offer waterslides to rival the local waterparks. Also, look for activities on offer for you and the kids and a comfortable room with suitable facilities so that you have somewhere cosy to retreat to.

Plan awesome activities

To avoid both the kids and the grown-ups getting bored, it’s essential that you have an itinerary so that each day offers something to keep every member of the family happy. While the kids splash in the sea, mum can go and see the local attractions and areas of interest. Or, while mum takes the kids to the theme park, dad can catch a round of golf. Make sure you split the parenting responsibilities to make sure everyone gets a chance to relax on holiday.

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