One item that should always be on the ‘must-pack’ list for your summer holidays is a trusty pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and keep you looking cool throughout the day. However, if you’re trying to find sunglasses to suit, just work out what you want from your perfect pair and check our top tips on three different designers who make a range of styles that offer everything anyone could ever want:

If you’re sporty then go for… a pair of Oakleys

Anyone who takes their sport seriously will want to go for a pair of Oakleys to protect their eyes from the elements. Jim Jannard began crafting Oakleys as motocross goggles which eventually became the iconic eyewear we know today. They are famed for their wrap-shaped sunglasses, colourful lenses and the fact they are as functional as they are fashionable – this meant that they soon became a favourite with athletes the world over. Just last year, athletes wearing Oakleys took home an astounding 107 medals from the London Olympics – testament indeed to this iconic and innovative brand.

Oakleys are perfect for you if you take style inspiration from: Valentino Rossi, Fernando Alonso or Bradley Wiggins.

Best for: Skiing holidays and sporting getaways.

A range of sunglasses for your summer holiday

If you want to look chic then invest in… Chanel sunglasses

There’s nothing more iconic on planet fashion than the coveted double Cs of Chanel. Investing in a pair of Chanel sunglasses is investing in a chic accessory that will never fall out of fashion. The House of Chanel started life in 1909, when Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel opened a millinery store in Paris and the rest is history. From the little black dress to the ladies suit, there are not many items gracing the catwalk that you can’t track back to Chanel’s enduring influence. Chanel sunglasses change with the seasons but retain a classically elegant shape, so go for a timeless style to see you through a whole host of holidays to come.

Chanel sunglasses are perfect for you if you take style inspiration from: The Olsen twins, Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

Best for: Chic Euro breaks and glamorous trips to New York or LA.

If you want a pair to boost your cool then go for… Rayban Wayfarers

If you want to be in with the in-crowd then Rayban Wayfarers are the only choice for you. This unisex favourite of the young and the beautiful will make you look like a rock star whatever kind of holiday you find yourself on! Originating in 1937, Bausch & Lomb manufactured the first Ray Ban sunglasses for the U.S. Army Air Corp to protect aviators from the damaging rays of the sun while keeping style in mind. They are a huge part of popular culture, appearing in innumerable iconic images and cult classics from The Blues Brothers to Risky Business.

Rayban Wayfarers are perfect for you if you take style inspiration from: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Bob Dylan, James Dean, Robert Pattinson or Drew Barrymore.

Best for: Summer holiday festivals, clubbing holidays and trips to bustling beach resorts.


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