The British summer had its chance and as we all know it didn’t try very hard to put in an appearance this year. However sun-seekers can be assured that all’s not lost yet.

There are plenty of places to visit near our soggy island that will soak you in sunshine and give you the summery feeling that most of us probably didn’t get in the UK this year.


Old Favourites

Lanzarote BeachOur Facebook page tells us that one of the most talked-about places for a holiday at this time of year is the Canary Islands. Brits wanting to escape a washout summer and chilly winter can instead get all the hallmarks of Tenerife holidays; sun, sand and round-the-clock entertainment. High temperatures hit 25C on average, a real difference to those found in the UK last month, with the Met Office measuring lows of -4.1C in places! All this is might be enough to tempt the most weather-hardy Brits to think about an island swap this time of year.


Out in Africa

Africa is a huge and exotic place, where you can do anything from desert trekking on the sandy plains, camping under the stars near teeming wildlife to shopping in modern malls. But Africa can also be a short haul destination, especially if you’re flying off to a holiday in Tunisia, which is only three hours by air from the UK. The all-year-round destination features the obligatory stunning desert but also mountains and greenery to escape the 23C average heat in tourist hotspot Djerba – as if escaping will be on your mind.


Go East

Turkey is another exotic place where you can dip your toe into an ancient civilisation one second, then dip it in the warm sea the next. Family Enjoying a Beach HolidayFrom bustling touristy beaches of Antalya, to some sandy peacefulness in Bodrum, you can relax, dance or go gift shopping to your heart’s content – all in and average of 26C heat! The great thing about a Turkey holiday is that there’s nothing typical about them, well apart from the consistent weather, so you can choose water park fun over history tours or beach activities rather than chilling out 24/7. The choice is yours, and isn’t that a warming feeling.

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