Finding time to get sorted for your hols next year could be difficult with Christmas just round the corner… would it help if being organised saved you a good bit of money?

If this has got your attention, then you might like these tips on shopping for next summer now, it might also make you feel a little closer to your next cheap holiday in the sun. It’s all well and good to get a bargain holiday deal but you might start feeling the pain of then spending hundreds on holiday essentials before you go. Earlier in the year, ABTA said Brits spend over £500 per person on holiday products, on top of the price of their holiday!


Summer Sales

So the tip here is to spend… but mostly during the sales. If you know you need a bikini for your Ibiza holiday next year or just new holiday threads in general then check out end-of-season sales for the best bargains. Fashionistas keen on the latest lines might prefer getting classic designs so their clothes don’t feel past it next summer. If you’re going to some places that require you to cover up in religious areas, like those you could find yourself in if you have bagged the latest Tunisia holiday deals, then snap up loose trousers and tops in sales. The same goes for sunglasses and swim equipment, like a snorkel and fins – essential for trips under the waves on your cheap holidays to Egypt.


Lotions and Potions

It’s not just clothes that go on sale but other must-haves like sunscreen, which can prove pricey if you buy lots at the last minute. Stock up when you see them on offer and also have a look at end-of-line sales to bag the best aftershave, perfume and make-up bargains to knock some money off the cost of actually getting away – leaving more for you to put towards your spending money.


Make Time for Online

Missing the sales isn’t the end of the world though, instead you could use all this extra time before you go away to scour the internet for the best deals. The ABTA research showed that many of us spend lots on cameras and all the accessories needed. Buying ahead online means you might get time to compare deals or even buy and pay the balance over time so it’s all repaid by the time you go on your hols.

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