We’ve all sampled the local cuisine whilst travelling the world, but which street vendors would you actually fly around the world to get to?

Each country has its own street speciality from the German currywurst to Jamaican jerk chicken; each having its own distinct flavour. Even today, the thought of fresh churros in the streets of Mexico gets my mouth watering.

Italian gelato

Gelato – Italy

Forget Mr Whippy. Nothing can beat a traditional Italian homemade strawberry gelato. Never frozen solid the smooth creamy taste that is associated with the Italian delicacy is second to none. Mass produced ice cream can’t match the street food that is available on many roads in the major towns and cities. Traditionally, you don’t ask for a number of scoops, but just the size of a cone or cup (coppetta) and then ask for the flavour(s). To spot a traditional gelateria look out for a sign in the window saying produzione propria (homemade, onsite production).

South African Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow – South Africa

Now don’t worry, there’s no rabbit in this dish; even though the name suggests there is. A hollowed out half loaf of bread is filled with either a chicken or mutton curry. No plate or cutlery is needed, just dive in and start eating the combination of fresh bread and curry. Bunny Chow or ‘Bunny’ originates from India but over the years has become one of South Africa’s favourite street foods.


Pulled Pork – USA, South Carolina

The east coast state of South Carolina is synonymous with pulled pork, it’s taken the world by storm and is quickly becoming a household favourite. Slow-cooked pork, pulled to perfection is on the menu of many well-known high street names in the UK, but you’ll have to travel to the southern state to get a taste of real American pulled pork.

Turkish Simit Bread

Simit Bread – Turkey

Simit bread is the Turkish version of a bagel, but made to be complimented by traditional Turkish tea. The crunch of the crust, the chewiness of the centre and the seeds sprinkled on top vary slightly by region, however the taste remains the same. In Istanbul the Simit is quite big whilst Ankara’s version is crispier and much smaller. If you’re visiting one of the major cities it’s worth sitting and enjoying one with a cup of tea whilst soaking up the vibrant Turkish culture.


Tostadas, Mexico

Translated from Spanish meaning ‘toasted’, tostadas are fried or toasted tortillas that are shaped either flat or into a bowl and topped with a variety of foods. Whether you fancy a fresh shrimp salad or a more traditional refried beans, cheese, salsa and salad tostada, you won’t be disappointed with the fresh ingredients and amazing taste. This perfect ‘on the go’ fast food meal is found all over Mexico, however, Oaxaca has the biggest; it’s the size of a pizza and is sometimes topped with a variety of grasshoppers.

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