Everyone loves a good giggle at an unfortunate holiday snap – the type where you’ve fallen asleep on a sun lounger or fallen victim to rogue tan marks.
These kinds of pics will normally end up on Facebook and can get a lot more likes from our friends than the ‘good’ photos. Well, we thought we’d write up this guide so if you want a few more nice snaps to join the funny ones taken on your cheap holidays, read on!


Balancing Act

One of the first rules of taking good snaps is to make sure everything you want to photograph is in the frame… couldn’t be simpler? This is a good starting point but if you actually offset the subject, you might find you get better results. So instead of putting that backdrop of a Canary Island volcano in the centre of the frame, move it to the left or right. You could make more memorable images of the stunning scenes on your Lanzarote holidays or at any exotic location.


Go Beyond Typical

There’s nothing like a group photo of everyone clustered around a table in the local holiday eatery to bring back memories of a great night out. But if you see lots of these pics together in time they could blend into one – leaving you asking was this when you went to Turkey, Spain or somewhere else? Instead of getting everyone posed, just go ahead and take photos without anyone noticing, you’ll really pick up on the atmosphere and catch friends and relatives in mid-laugh. You can also bring one person to the foreground, and arrange others behind them – to help give some depth and make the shot less stilted.

 Girls Taking Holiday Photograph on Beach

Frame it

This tip is about framing when you take the pic, rather than after! This involves using other objects in the background to make the photo stand out… Think of a long white beach you’d get on a Mexico holiday framed with palm trees that seem to drift over the sand and water, or a picture taken from inside the doorway of a Mexican cantina looking out to a busy market. Framing in this way can really draw attention to the main point of the pic.



Using flash to take night-time pictures gives you the chance to permanently catch all the fun you have on holiday nights out – which could number quite a lot if you’re off to a party place like Ibiza or Tenerife. Taking photos when the sun is rising or setting can lead to some great images. Don’t be afraid to turn the flash off and snap away, you could get some images that’ll be really true to your own memories! Digital cameras usually have lots of different lighting functions and shooting modes, so go ahead and experiment.


Snap Away

Certain readers will remember the week-long wait to get a roll of film developed – or even the one-hour wait if they were feeling flush! It’s completely different now, and memory cards can be changed/wiped in seconds giving you lots of space to take loads of pics – rather than cherish those 24 – 36 chances you’d get with film, the tip here is to just take lots of photos. Don’t worry about filling up the memory card, you can delete the not-so-good ones later and you’ll still have a really good number to choose from, and maybe even some embarrassing ones that mysteriously end up on Facebook…

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