Meal times can be a real battle, especially if you’ve got a young fussy eater in the family. But don’t despair, there are a few tips you can try out to get your kid eating different foods when you’re on your hols.

Picky eaters know what they like and are usually so stubborn about trying anything new that you might have given up trying to give them lots of different foods at home. Now you’re booked on a trip abroad and fear the worst – here’s our guide to tips and tricks that might help even the fussiest child enjoy mealtimes in a different country.


Getting Prepared

You might get a better result by encouraging picky eaters to try different foods sooner rather than later. So after you’ve browsed holiday deals, booked a break, looked at what kind of meals are served at your destination, why not try and get children interested in trying them before you go. On cheap holidays to Turkey, you can fill up on typical authentic local foods like kebabs, and not the kind you find in takeaways at home! Try out a few of the different kinds, like chicken or lamb, at home before you go. Kids might also like pide, which is a kind of Turkish pizza topped with meat and herbs.


Try It Yourself

If you’re a bit of a picky eater too then you might have to also try some of the local food in order to get your kids to eat it. If this doesn’t work, then getting older brothers and sisters’ on-side might help a bit. It’s best to pick something you know the older ones will like, so they don’t put your picky eater off completely!


Go Shopping

Yes – shopping may help to stop those meal time battles – especially if you go to a traditional food market. Some destinations are a shopper’s paradise, from Turkey’s bazaars to the medinas you’ll find on cheap holidays to Tunisia. Taking fussy kids to a market and pointing out the exotic fruit and veg gives them an idea what’s on their plate. Instead of being put off by new textures and smells, they might get interested. Many stalls will often let you try samples making it a fun introduction to a new experience.


Close to Home

Ordering really unusual or different food for your picky kid to try might overload their taste buds a bit too much. It might be better to ease them in gradually by picking foods that are quite similar to what they have at home. From Italian pasta to rice dishes you can order on Egypt holidays; keeping it simple to start with should pay off in the long run.


Get Sweet

If all else fails – bring out the desserts. Turkish sweet treats, traditional ice cream and Egyptian apple cakes are all bound to get your kids asking for more.

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