People-watching is one of the most popular pastimes on holiday. We’ve all seen fashion disasters and to be honest, we’ve probably all committed them too, so have a quick look at our top 10 to see which ones you recognize. If you think we’ve missed any, don’t forget to add ones you’ve spotted on your travels to the comments section below this post.

1 Budgie smugglers and thongs

Some people just want to stand out on holiday. There are good ways to do this and bad ways to do this. Men wearing minuscule swimwear definitely fit into the second category!

2 Football shirts

As Brits abroad, we don’t exactly have the best reputation. We know how proud you are of your team because you’ve taken time out of your holiday to watch them in action – the shirt’s not needed!


3 Bum bags

Yes we know they’re really convenient and you can have all of your day trip essentials in one place, but there are two problems with bum bags. One, having all your essentials in one place means it’s very easy to end up without any at all thanks to an opportunistic thief, or a momentary lapse of concentration in a taxi. And two, nothing screams tourist more than a bum bag. You’re certainly not going to be paying local prices…


4 Socks and sandals

This combination has been a fashion crime for generations, but it never seems to completely die out. Technology has advanced and people who are after warmth and breathable shoes have a whole host of other options to explore – somebody please tell them!


5 Braided hair

Fine for small children, but that’s where it ends…


6 Crocs

Again, a bright rubber pair of clogs can look endearing on a cute toddler, but adults should avoid them at all costs. It looks like you’re wearing some kind of protective clothing because you’re scared of sand!


7 Keep your shirt on! 

Another dodgy look that reminds foreigners of the bad apples in the bunch. Please respect the local customs and keep covered up…


8 High heels with swimwear

Unless you’re auditioning for the next season of TOWIE, avoid wearing bikinis and heels. They’re a nightmare to walk in anyway!


9 The local t-shirt

The generic local t-shirt is never a good look. You don’t want to be like everybody else do you? If you really want to pick up one for the folks back home, keep it packed in the suitcase.


10 The big backpack

Huge backpacks are fine for gap year travellers – that’s all they have for three months! But blocking up buses and promenades with a wide load when you’re just going to the beach is just plain annoying.


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