When you book your holiday to the beach there are a few things that you’ll really want to see. Golden sands and bright blue seas are probably top of the list. Depending on your destination, you can hope to see everything from dolphins and monkeys to seaside monuments and rustic local fishing boats. However, there are some things that you’re definitely not going to be prepared for – and we don’t mean dead jellyfish or someone’s leftovers from a picnic either! Check out our list of the oddest things the ocean has thrown up all over the globe:

Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducks

In 1992, a container of 28,000 rubber ducks was lost at sea which resulted in some very surprised people stumbling across them in the sands of Hawaii, Alaska, Australia and Scotland. Some have even been found frozen in Arctic ice! A plus side to this cheery form of pollution is that it gave scientists a fascinating insight into the ways global tidal systems work.

Massive Lego man

One thing you won’t expect to see on a cheap holiday to Florida is a life size version of a Lego man just laid out in the surf, but that’s precisely what an unwitting stroller came across on his early morning jaunt. Where the 8ft figurine came from and why are still a mystery but many people attribute his appearance to the work of a Dutch artist. Another life-sized Lego man washed up on Brighton beach in the UK too so keep an eye out the next time you’re near the sea!


A beach scattered with bananas is something you’d expect on your holiday to Gambia or other exotic locations where the beaches are lined with trees, but where you don’t expect to see then is a cold beach on the Dutch North Sea island of Terschelling, 70 miles from Amsterdam! A shipment from Cuba spilled its load and the result was a beach full of beautiful bright green bananas and quite a surprise for whoever found them!

Fly Squatters

If you were on the beach in Kodiak in Alaska, you might be prepared to see a bear or maybe some fossils, but what you probably weren’t expecting was dozens of sports branded fly squatters! That’s exactly what happened after a ship from Hong Kong dumped a container full into the sea. Local residents must have had hours of fun trying to find the fly squatter sporting the logo of their favourite team!

Packets of Tea

After two cargo ships collided off the coast in 2010, the residents of Rajbandar in India must have thought it was their lucky day when packets of tea started washing on the beach. Food stuffs are quite a common site, like the bags of Doritos that started to wash up on the beach in North Carolina in 1996!

So next time you go for a stroll on the sands, keep your eyes peeled. Whether your sauntering in Spain or having a jaunt in Jamaica, ocean oddities turn up all over the globe!

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