5 Lagers Of Europe

Do you enjoy soaking up all of the sun on holiday whilst relaxing around the pool with a refreshing lager? Whether you’re in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Portugal or any other European destination, then you’ll undoubtedly be sipping on one of the local beers. Each one has its own distinctive taste and aroma which completes any holiday setting.


5) Mythos – Greece

Imagine sitting around the pool on the Greek island of Crete or Rhodes enjoying the peace and quiet. Mythos is the perfect partner for any occasion under the southeast European sun; the refreshing taste and distinct flavour makes Mythos my favourite of all lagers.


4) Estrella – Spain

Perfected with well over 100 years of experience, Estrella is one of Spain’s best lagers. With high quality ingredients and a refreshing taste you can enjoy this bottled or draught beer on the Spanish mainland, Canary Islands or the Balearic’s. Just imagine yourself watching the sun go down on the Catalonian coast in a beach front bar with your loved one and a bottle of Estrella.


3) Efes – Turkey

Distinct by name, distinct by nature, Efes is the only beer you’ll want when you’re holidaying in Turkey. The bright green bottle with blue labelling makes it stand out on the shelf, but it’s the smooth taste which makes it one of Europe’s best lagers, in my opinion.


2) Sagres – Portugal

The popular brew comes from the small town of Sagres, which is located in the most south-western point of Europe and where sailors learnt the art of navigation. The dry but slightly bitter taste and golden colour has made it the most popular lager in Portugal; only the highest quality ingredients make this refreshing brew perfect; whatever the weather.


1) Birra Moretti – Italy

Birra Moretti has been brewing its world famous beer since 1859 when the company was founded by Luigi Moretti. The classy Italian pale ale should always be served in a traditional challis and compliments dishes such as risottos and pasta dishes. If you prefer something a little stronger the dark La Rossa brew is perfect on a warm summers evening.

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